This is what PS3’s new controller SHOULD have been.

If Sony was going to bother to rip off someone else’s idea for a new controller I wish they would’ve picked the design of BodieLobus’ new PS2 controller over the Nintendo Wii. The folks at BodieLobus took the standard PS2 controller and ripped out the second analog stick only to replace it with a trackball allowing for more mouse-like control in games where precision is critical such as your average First Person Shooter. IGN has a hands-on report from E3:

We hit up some Unreal Tournament action on the PS2 to give the Reflex Control controller a go. At first, the experience of manipulating the track ball instead of an analog stick was quite strange. Instead of the resistance to being pressed away from center that characterizes an analog stick, the track ball is static. The difference initially threw me off and I sucked for 10 minutes or so. Then, all of a sudden, it clicked. Whereas I had previously been getting killed again and again, I found myself on a rampage, blazing away anything that came in my path.

The critical difference I discovered between playing an FPS with the BodieLobus Reflex Control and a standard analog stick is the fact that the BodieLobus’ track ball directly controls the speed of view movement, as opposed to the variable acceleration applied by an analog stick. Moving the track-ball a little moved the view a little, but at the same speed at which I spun the ball, as opposed to a little movement on an analog stick moving the view at a slower pace than a full push to a corner. Once my brain learned not to compensate for an analog stick’s acceleration, I attained a level of accuracy I had never experienced without a mouse and keyboard combination.


I hate loathe despise playing FPS games on consoles because analog sticks are a piss-poor substitute for a mouse when it comes to aiming. I actually went so far as to buy the PS1 mouse for playing the Die Hard Trilogy game on my original PS1. DHT wasn’t a FPS, but it did have sequences that the mouse made a lot more enjoyable to play. I’m actually surprised no one has thought to try this approach before and I am SO buying me one of these when they’re released later this year. I broke down and bought one of the Medal of Honor FPS games awhile back for the PS2 because it was cheap and all the reviews said it was pretty good only to be reminded of why I don’t play FPS games on consoles. Once I get my mitts on this controller I’ll be able to go back and play the game properly. Yes!

3 thoughts on “This is what PS3’s new controller SHOULD have been.

  1. Brilliant… if you’re a FPS fanatic. Other than that… who gives a shit, Les? The dual sticks work fine…

  2. I disagree. There are a number of additional games that could benefit from the greater precision a trackball would allow. Metal Gear Solid is one immediate example I can think of. Katamari Damaci is another that would be even better with a trackball. In general I agree that the analog sticks are fine for movement, but they lack precision for anything that requires reasonable aim. Even for mundane things like camera control (a common use for the right hand stick) the trackball would offer an advantage in both speed and accuracy.

  3. You guys are missing the thing this would be even more useful for than FPS games. 

    Console.  RTS.  Games. 

    For yes.

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