The second season of the new “Doctor Who” doesn’t disappoint.

I was more than a little worried about the second season of the new series mainly because of how good of a start the first series got off to only to have Christopher Eccleston leave at the end. To say that I was overwhelmed to not only have my all-time favorite TV series back on the air, but to have it turn out so good is an understatement and I was worried that the change to David Tennet was going to louse it all up.

I downloaded and watched the third episode of series 2 titled School Reunion last night and I’m happy to say the series hasn’t missed a beat. It’s still as capable of making me laugh and get all weepy in the same episode as this latest adventure sees The Doctor reuniting with his former companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 some 30 years after he last saw them. In addition to joining up to defeat an alien race of bat people whose leader is deliciously portrayed by Anthony Head (better known to Americans as Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Rupert Giles) the show manages to squeeze in a wonderfully poignant secondary storyline on how Sarah has been waiting for The Doctor’s return for over 30 years which helps explain why The Doctor has never gotten too romantically involved with any of his companions during his travels. By the end of the episode I was just this side of full blubbery baby mode. I’m such an old softy. The new series excels in touching on things the original series never explored and the bittersweet reunion with Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 is a perfect example. 

This episode also reinforces a recurring theme in the new series—that all things eventually come to an end—that has me wondering if there isn’t a plan to eventually put a definitive ending to the series as a whole. The BBC has already approved a third season so we know there’s at least one more to go after this one ends, but it’s hard to shake the suspicion they’re setting things up for a definitive finale. This season also has a recurring word in it much like how the first season kept us guessing with references to “Bad Wolf” showing up in just about every episode. This season’s word is no big secret, though, as it’s “Torchwood” which is the name of the spin-off series that’s currently in production starring John Barrowman reprising his role of Captain Jack Harkness from the first series. Still it’s cool to see them weaving a little back story for the new series into Doctor Who. Needless to say I’m hoping the new series will be around for many more seasons to come as it’s incredibly good stuff.

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  1. Remember Les, The Doctor has a limited number of lives. He’s fast approaching that limit. So I can see that there is a need to start getting people ready for a final episode when the 13th doctor ends his life. (It is 12 regenerations, right?)

    And yes, the show is truly amazing. It will be a sad day indeed, when the show airs it’s last episode.

    I can only hope that they can manage to maybe make some movies with some of the previous Doctors to maybe “fill in” some of the time when their incarnation was alive.

    If not, it’s back to the audio drama’s for as much Doctor Who as I can stand. smile

  2. I was worried about David Tennant taking over as the 10th Doctor, so I snuck a peek at the first episode of his run. Way cool! I almost like him better than Eccleston just from that one episode! smile

    Yeah, he is getting near the end of his lives, but good grief, Tom Baker was the 4th Doctor for almost 10 years*. That could mean another 30 years of Doctor Who!! Yay!

    *Not to mention the fact that they worked around The Master running out of regenerations, so they could do the same with The Doctor.

  3. Oh sure, the writers could come up with just about anything to explain a 14th, 15th, etc… incarnation. Maybe he was exposed to some weird time wave during the Time Wars that gave him back 10 regenrations or something like that. Writers are like that. smile

    Personally, I would be happy, if Doctor Who lasted another 40 years. So long as they have good stories to tell, I’m happy.

    Has anyone else noticed that these newest Doctor Who episodes have all taken place on Earth or in Earth orbit?

    I know that a lot of the early Doctor Who episodes took place on Earth. The story line even explained it by the fact that the TARDIS’s ability to move was hindered for a period of time. It started with the 3rd Doctor, did that carry over to Tom Baker’s doctor too? I can’t remember for sure.

    I just think it would be nice to go to another planet every once and a while. smile

  4. Yeah, I noticed that. They are at least alternating between Earth and space, modern and time travel. But I like the space-based ones best, too.

    The 2nd Doctor was forced to regenerate into the 3rd Doctor by the Time Lords for his meddling. They also took away the ability of the TARDIS to leave Earth for a long time. Most of the Pertwee stories were with UNIT on Earth. Tom Baker’s Doctor got back to the original sequence of a story on Earth in one time period or another alternating with a space travel story.

  5. I too have really liked the second series, and Tennant is a very good actor. Don’t tell me what happens in tonight’s episode though as I haven’t seen it yet – will download it later to watch it tomorrow.

  6. I always liked the third doctors stories best. They had a great feel to them, and the supporting cast was never better (though the latest series comes close with Mickey and Jackie). I think the Time Lords gave him back his freedom of movement for Pertwees final season as the Doctor, when Elisabeth Sladen (she was terrific in School Reunion, wasn’t she?) joined the cast.

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