Senator Lamar Alexander sang a different tune in 1995.

The folks at Think Progress have dug up an interesting note about the good Senator who wants the National Anthem sung only in English. Seems back in 1995 he took former Sen. Bob Dole to task for supporting an “English only” policy:

GOP Presidential hopeful Lamar Alexander lambasted Sen. Robert Dole Wednesday night saying that the senator “showed no respect” for Hispanics when Dole hinted that the U.S. should move towards an “English only” policy. Alexander, campaigning in Puerto Rico for the first time, said he was a “staunch” supporter of bilingual education and urged Hispanic parents to allow their children to learn two languages. “My dream is that every child in America grows up learning two languages,” the former governor of Tennessee said. [Associated Press, 9/13/95]

Granted this was some 11 years ago, but it does make one go “hmmmm…..”

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