Our server is getting pounded and is a bit unstable.

Not sure what’s going on just yet, but we had some downtime last night that I never noticed because my back was sore enough to keep me off of the PC for the evening. Then around 2AM or so the server load shot up way above normal and whatever it is is still pounding the hell out of us right now. This peaked around 6AM prompting another server crash that lasted briefly and the load appears to be on the decline, but is still well above normal. Not only is this making for slow response from the server, but it could mean more crashes depending on how hard we’re getting hit.

Bear with us as I poke around to see if I can figure out what’s going on and put a stop to it. Thanks.

7 thoughts on “Our server is getting pounded and is a bit unstable.

  1. Seph: Fundie internet crusaders.

    Or ACRONYMacly speaking: FICers – wait for it.
    If it’s said in a broad NZ accent (exint) it becomes Fuckers.
    A users guide to the Land of the Mangled Vowell’s accent is: Pan is pen (or pax is pex), Pen is pin (or sex is six), Pin is pun (or six is sux).
    For some reason they chose not to mangle pot and putt. LOL

  2. Have you ever thought the page just might be getting more popular? Maybe the Athiests are waking in this NeoCon era?

  3. Dude, G0d’s pissed at you, and he’s the ub3rl33t h4x0r, y’know … wink

  4. Actually it turns out it was just a couple of search engine spiders being over-anxious with cataloging the 40,000 comments here. Seems spiders for Google and Ask.com were competing to see who could crash the server more times. Which is a bit odd as Google’s bots are usually pretty well behaved. We’ve had problems with Ask.com in the past, though.

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