One sure sign that you may have a drinking problem…

…is when you can’t even open the front door because it’s blocked by some 70,000 beer cans you emptied on a multi-year drinking binge:

At the back door, Froerer was astounded by what he saw in the kitchen.

Ryan Froerer, Century 21: “As we approached the door, there were beer boxes, all the way up to the ceiling.”

Inside, he took just a few snapshots to document the scene. Beer cans by the tens of thousands. Mountains of cans burying the furniture. The water and heat were shut off, apparently on purpose by the tenant, who evidently drank Coors Light beer exclusively for the eight years he lived there.

Ryan Froerer, Century 21: “It’s just unbelievable that a human being could live like that.”

For the record, that’s 24 beers a day for 8 years with a total value in deposit returns of around $800. You really need to click that pic to get a bigger look at just how amazing this is.

Link found at Boing Boing.

31 thoughts on “One sure sign that you may have a drinking problem…

  1. If he’d drunk that much Austrian beer, he wouldn’t have drunk that much, because he would have been dead long before… Cheers!

  2. I am humbled. When I was 24 I thought I was hot shit because I stacked enogh empty Coor’s beer cans along one wall in my apartment to completely cover it from side to side, and top to bottom.

    It never occured to me a person could fill the whole place with them.

  3. Zilch: If he’d drunk that much Austrian beer

    If he’d drunk that much Australian beer … ditto.
    Then again he was obvioulsy drinking for the Taste rather than the Effect.
    If he’d been living in South Oz where they return 5 cents per can/stubbie the place woulda been empty.  LOL

  4. If there’s any beer left in the can, that shit can turn into some foul smelling phlegm-like substance.  I had to shake that shit out of some the beer cans I collected.  That house had to fucking stink.

  5. if he’d drunk that much australian beer he would have fermented from the inside out.

    off topic

    when i was a kid, tennish, i saw a colourful animated film clip for a song that was like a cross between the Beatles love is all you need and yellow submarine. never saw it again, never knew what is was called or even remembered any of the lyrics. occasionally that fleeting memory bubbled to the surface of my neuroswamp, but there was nothing i could do. UNTIL TODAY, when perusing boingboing after following the link to the beer story, there was an article on the song i havent heard for approaching two decades with a pic of the guitar playing who’d so enraptured me as a child. now i can download it, have a brief gush of nostalgia and think back to when life was a strictly ordered regimen of being a smartass and dicking about. THX LES!

    On the same page i saw, among other hilarity, an article on the fish the mombasans wanted to put in the national museum because it appeared there was an obscure koranic verse written on its scales. those kooky mombasans

    btw the song was “Love is All,

  6. That film clip you found, Death, reminded me of two things: the acid trip I was expecting but never got, and a strange revival of a memory I’d completely forgotten.  Looking a children’s books in Cody’s Bookstore years ago, I came across The Dragons of Blueland, which must have been read to me as a small child.  I opened it and one of the pictures triggered a response in me like nothing I’d ever experienced: a primordial depth of feeling far surpassing ordinary recognition.  It only happened the first time I saw the picture, and nothing like it has ever happened since.  That’s the closest I’ve ever come as an adult to recollecting the naked power of images to a child.

    The Mombasa fish is another one for Les’ files on seeing faces where they aren’t, with a twist.  I have to wonder if seeing Koran verses in the pattern on a tuna’s back isn’t the Muslim equivalent of seeing Mary in a melted cheese sandwich, since Muslims are prohibited from depicting their prophets.  In a way, the beautiful and fantastically inventive Koran scripts, for instance the ones I’ve seen in the Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, could be seen as the flowing of religiously driven artistic impulse, which, since denied the outlet of picturing people, flows into writing; and also into the wonderful geometrical decorations we can see in the Alhambra.

  7. That prohibition has always struck me as a hard one to circumscribe, let alone enforce. There was a discussion on my local TV station sbs on those stupid cartoons, and i wanted to get a photo of a random arab, with the caption ‘Mohummed’ flashing on and off. Not blasphemy, blasphemy, not blasphemy….

  8. Excellent clip,remember loving it as a kid and have had reoccuring memories of it occasionally over the years! – especially love the 3 drunken lizards wink

  9. (Qoayn using guest login feature, Im gettin shit for my password…)

    Im gonna hafta agree with tim on this one..

    365days x 24 cans/day x 8 years = 70,080 cans

    70080 x .10 dollars/can = 7008.00$

    70080 x .05 dollars/can =3504.00$

    michigan is (was?) a .10 deposit last I checked.
    maryland here is .00 the cans are worth scrap

  10. To bring attention back to that magical clip, Ronnie James Dio sounded to me no more than nineteen or twenty there, yet in actuality he was thirty-two at the time. Weird.

    Damn, I’m bored.

  11. Jeebers – as much as I love that song,I could’nt sleep last night from constantly playing “Love is all” over and over thru my mind!!..maybe I should take something from that wink – needless to say ive just watched it again 3 or 4 times – time for bed !!

  12. P.s..Sadie – your old avatar rocked on! – please “re-instate” it!

  13. Jeebers – as much as I love that song, I couldn’t sleep last night from constantly playing “Love is all

  14. Randall asks…

    Where did they come up with the 70,000 number.  Do you think someone actually counted them?  I bet it just sounded good.

    It’s an issue of simple math. The article suggests they turned them in for the deposit and ended up with around $800. Divide that by the return deposit for that state and you should have a pretty good idea of how many cans you had.

  15. It’s an issue of simple math.

    Oh come on Les.  “Simple math”?  What state has a deposit of 8/7 of a cent for a beer can?

  16. Les: It’s an issue of simple math.

    Trust you to get pedantic and, … mathematical.
    Why d’ya have to ruin a dream most of us (not you of course – you don’t drink – you’re real straight arrow, Howie) can get off on, in our wildest and drunken fantasies? LOL
    Forgive me –I’m a bit inebriated. Thank god for spell-check. DOUBLE LOL

  17. (Frumpa): I could’nt sleep last night from constantly playing “Love is all

  18. (LuckyJohn19): Forgive me –I’m a bit inebriated.

    John, I’m beginning to think you’re an alcoholic, buddy.

  19. Brock: John, I’m beginning to think you’re an alcoholic, buddy.

    You’re right of course. At quarter to mid-day I decided to arise from my fart-sack, chucked on some clothes and turned the heater on and … my mate arrived with two beers for breakfast. I said: Nah Nah Nah. It had bones in it but I drank it. I feel better now. Wasn’t that the name of a song?
    Apparently we have a date with our other drinking mate at 5pm. Shit I’m glad I’ve re-tired. Dunno how I ever fitted work into my buzy schedule.

    My problem is that once I see I’m not getting to sleep, I begin to worry about not getting to sleep and worry keeps me up the rest of the night.

    Isn’t that a bitch tho?
    I used to suffer that. Oh. It was awful.
    It didn’t matter how many/what mind altering substances I took, sleepnessness would still attack me on occasion.
    For the last 20 years of my workin life, I was the boss – and still …
    I developed a ‘fuck’em all’, guiltless mentality far too late.

  20. This is a *lot* more common than most Americans think.  I’ve been in a good number of homes that look quite like the photo above.  Just replace beer cans with, oh…

    .Magazines (Life and NationalGeo seem to be fav’s)
    .Newspapers (locals mostly, USA Today rarely seen)
    .Papers (personal notes, documents, letters, mail)
    .Containers (dry food boxes, cooking oil bottles)
    .Dishes (usually clean, but often of different styles purchased at yardsales, etc.)
    .Clothes (usually clean, and usually never worn)
    .MailOrders (things purchased but never opened)
    .MP3’s (cause the more you got the more you are)

    The pathology, i believe, is widely known as Compulsive Hording (tho it doesn’t yet have a DSM).

    My stock phrase upon having to enter and greet one of these homes’ owners:  “My, you own so much.”

    Americans love to hear that.

  21. when i was a kid, tennish,

    Is this a raquet and ball game for drunks?

    If you want compulsive horders you need to talk to a wargamer (plays military games with figures).  Ask him how much unpainted metal he has, then ask him if he intends painting it all before buying more…

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