Nintedo says you can play with your Wii for less than $250.

Word on the announcement comes to us from the fine folks at Joystiq:

“At a news conference in Osaka, Nintendo senior managing director Yoshihiro Mori said the Wii would sell for 25,000 yen ($220) or lower in Japan and $250 (£133) or lower in the US.”

Note the use of the words “or lower” in that announcement as Nintendo appears to be holding onto the option to consider the much speculated $200 price point in North America. Either way a price point no higher than $250 does give Nintendo an advantage as a shiny new PS3 will cost double that for the “low end” version. If folks really take to the Wii-mote then the future for Nintendo may be very bright indeed.

4 thoughts on “Nintedo says you can play with your Wii for less than $250.

  1. I grew up with video games, but never was really into anything besides Mario and Sonic. With each new title that has been released for the major consoles I would become excited and think that maybe I could have a game to play. I was thrilled when Sonic Heros came out for the PS2 (my husband has it for his sports games) and bought shortly after it came out. I played it four or five times. To many damn buttons! was my major complaint.
    So when I read the article in Time all about what Nintendo is doing, and who they are gearing this console for, my instant thought was “Holy shit, I may actually be able to get back into playing a few video games!” With the news that they are going to price it so low, I can almost guarantee that my two girls are going to get it for Christmas (whether or not they ask for it *lol*) so that mommy can play games again.
    So thanks for the news, you have made my day.

  2. PS3 is doomed.  If Nintendo dominates this round and can get more game developers on their side to pad the selection and keeps their legacy of innovation with each new system, Sony and Microsoft may follow the way of Sega.  At least I hope Microsoft does, they’re too powerful already.

  3. It will be interesting if Nintendo can increase their market share with this system.  I know the Gamecube has been profitable enough, but with this big of a price gap between the Wii and the other systems, Nintendo could capture the mass market while Microsoft and Sony fight over the more limited deep pocketed hardcore gamer market.

  4. I’m more interested in the Wii than the other 2 consoles.  The reasons are as follow

    The control scheme is interesting, and I’d like to see how 2D games can interface with the controller.

    The Virtual console was good enough with NES, SNES and N64 games, but the addition of SEGA Genesis and NEC TurboGrafix games sweetens the deal a little more.

    Finally, price.  As you said, $250 sounds more like a bargain compared to the PS3.  $200 sounds like a better deal.  But anything lower isn’t a good idea.

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