News Flash: The world didn’t end in a watery death yesterday.

So the promised meteor fragment that was supposed to be the catalyst behind 200 meter high tsunamis failed to make an appearance yesterday, which isn’t much of a surprise, but we did get some semi-serious thunderstorms in our neck of the woods last night that managed to knock out our power for 4 hours or so. Right as I was in the middle of banning an asshole from visiting the blogs here (that’s a whole other story in itself). We ended up going to bed by 11PM only to have all the lights and the TV in the living room suddenly spring to life at 11:30 or so scaring the hell out of the cats and waking everyone up in the process. Ah, country living. The power in Brighton goes out fairly often compared to when we lived in Canton. Of course at our old address a good portion of the power lines are buried which goes a long way to keeping them intact. Out in the country someone sneezes too close to a power line and it could be days before they’re back up and working.

The job will probably be pretty slow today as it’s the Friday before a three day weekend and a lot of folks here have opted to make it a four day weekend. I’ve got one more PC I need to set up for our new office out near Seattle and then the whole lot can be shipped out today, but beyond that I expect things are going to be pretty quiet. Not that I’m complaining as it means I’ll probably be able to knock off a little early. So that’s what my day is looking like, how about you guys?

3 thoughts on “News Flash: The world didn’t end in a watery death yesterday.

  1. Douglas Adams saves the day!

    That should be the headline… Why? Well, you see the “fated” meteor fragment did, in fact, hit the ocean and cause a huge tsunami. However, thanks to the fact that yesterday was “Towel day” we were all saved!

    All hail Douglas Adams!

  2. I’m glad the world didn’t end.  If it did I wouldn’t be sitting here enjoying Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil, which I bought today.  I do dig a lot of those ‘60s Blue Notes.

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