More proof that I’m on the cutting edge…

The guys at ArsTechnica bring us some of the details from the latest Entertainment Software Association’s gamer demographics report:

It turns out the age of the average gamer is 33 years old. 31 percent of gamers are under 18, 44 percent are between the ages of 18 and 49, and a surprising 25 percent are over 50! The average adult gamer has been playing computer or video games for 12 years, meaning that they got their start with Super Metroid and Final Fantasy VI on the SNES, and DOOM II and the original Warcraft: Orcs & Humans on the PC. Those of us who remember playing PONG are rarer, but we’re still out there!

As far as families go, 35 percent of American parents say they play computer and video games, and 80 percent of these play games with their children. 66 percent of gamer parents feel that playing games has brought their families closer together. The typical gamer parent is 37 years old. The study also indicates that parents are present 89 percent of the time when a game is rented or purchased for their children.

I’ll be 39 in August which puts me ahead of the average Gamer Dad by two years. I’m a totally cutting edge “hep” dude.

1 thought on “More proof that I’m on the cutting edge…

  1. So, it’s just the other 11% of absentee parents who are responsible for bitching and moaning and calling for the abolishment of those “evil video games.”

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