Meanwhile in an alternate universe…

The President addresses the nation:

Thanks to Crooks and Liars.

4 thoughts on “Meanwhile in an alternate universe…

  1. Les that links to the trailer for his movie… You’ve already posted that have you not? And the picture you have posted in this does not match up with the link…

  2. Oops nevermind you direct link to the .mov doesn’t work which redirects to the crooksandliars front paghe which coincidentally features a trailer with al gore.

  3. I was linking straight to the page with the movie on it, but it appears it’s being redirected to the front page. Which is fine because it’s a damned excellent site. I’m debating whether I should grab a copy to store locally. It’s that whole I’m kinda taking his bandwidth, but I also want to give him credit kinda thing.

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