Man uses Bible to convince teen molestation is OK.

It’s true. You really can use the Bible to argue for anything:

DELAND, FL (AP)—A Deland man convicted of sexual battery on a teenager will spend 30 years behind bars. Authorities say 61-year-old Charles Balfe used the bible to make the 15-year-old victim believe his actions were OK.

The self-proclaimed evangelist also was sentenced yesterday to 30 years probation. Balfe says he’s innocent. The victim, now 21, says she still suffers nightmares from the incidents.

Balfe faces two more trials on charges of sexually abusing two boys in DeLand. A spokeswoman for the Volusia County Attorney’s Office says dates for those trials haven’t been set.

Spare the rod indeed.

20 thoughts on “Man uses Bible to convince teen molestation is OK.

  1. The devil can quote Scripture to his purpose.  People have used the Bible and authority ostensibly derived therefrom to do horrendous things.  Of course, they’ve used the Constitution, Das Kapital, and, most likely, the Kama Sutra similarly.

    You certainly won’t catch me trying to prove a point by way of Scripture.  Folks who do so are, essentially, idolaters at best, scam artists at worst.

  2. And, that said, I suspect (call it the Fairy Tale Justice Seeker in me) that there’s a special bolgia in Hell just for folks who abuse others based on God’s word.  At least, I like to think so, since otherwise I’d be tempted to grab a baseball bat and take justice into my own hands …

  3. …otherwise I’d be tempted to grab a baseball bat and take justice into my own hands …

    Or you could whack the miscreants with one of those big leatherbound Bibles…

  4. Here in Illinois the pastor of a Baptist church (Daryl Bujak), beat a 13-year-old girl with a 3-ft piece of wood for claiming she was molested by another man (Matthew Resh) after her mother brought her in for counseling.  He told her mother, “I know these types of girls.  She has a rebellious streak”.  The mother says she feels just awful now that she knows her daughter was telling the truth.
    Daily HeraldChicago Tribune

    Are all Christians tyrannical and/or predatory monsters?  Or would it be more logical to conclude that the mantle of religious authority has a disarming quality only because most of its practitioners wear it fairly well? 

    It means the local minister, scoutmaster, or priest is probably a good guy, but that doesn’t mean you should trust him implicitly.  The bible is full of references to people who look good on the outside, but…

    Oh, wait – it isn’t like most Christians actually read the the thing enough to get the whole picture.

  5. So did he shave her head and wait for 1 month before raping her?

    You’re sick. LOLLOL

  6. Not all christians are predatory monsters, a number of their herds are victims born and raised into the vicious iron veil of lies and taught that the same “were right, everyone else is full of shit” routine.  The ones that push for christianity’s growth are the con-artists, the scammers, the murderers, the rapists, the conspirators, the bigots, and the tyrants. 

    Take justice in your own hands, I’m sure god would thank you and rest assured, thousands more if not millions would be inclined to follow your example.

    Either a bat or a chainsaw, cause the way the christians mouth their prayers and try to eat your brains away they might as well be zombies.

  7. Wow, Whiteblood, you’re carrying some serious hatred there.  smile
    Can I offer you a snippet of what I’ve learned?
    Hatred damages the HATER more than the HATED.
    I’ve seen haters – they are not happy people – it seems to eat at them from the inside.

    The ones that push for christianity’s growth are the con-artists, the scammers, …

    Reminds me of George‘s little soliloquy about the best scammers.  LOL
    Worship the Sun and pray to Joe Pesci.

  8. Now here’s where I elaborate on hatred, as a personal experience and pratical use, sorry if this takes a bit.

    Hate is one of the most powerful emotions known to man, surpassed on occassion only by either love or insanity. It drives you, pumps you with a force that at it’s core is the root of destruction, similar to satan, hades, hel, set, take your pic. 

    In short, hate is like a stimulant: it gives you strength and desire and at times focus, but like most things as potent as hatred can be, there are such things as overdoses, costing you a portion of who you were in kind heart to feel the effects either wanted or needed at the time.

    I have played with this stimulant many a time, and on the rare occassion, wished I hadn’t after seeing what I had seen.  However, as of right now, I carry both hatred and love with me, the love acting as a catalyst to put it scintifically(yeah, i cant spell).

    In short, I’m in no danger of being overthrown by the toxic strength I carry.

  9. Really, anyone that knows their stuff can claim things through scripture, expecially if the person they were talking to has never read, or been intamite with the bible then how is that person to know the truth. Its not only christians people should worry about, there are many people in this world today that might claim they are in the light of God, but most are leading 2 sided lives. Even priests, and your local pastors do this too.

    In the Book of Judges theres a story about a man and his wife that get in a fight an she goes home to basically take a break. Then the man goes and tries to get her back. so when they finally began traveling back to their home town, they stopped and rested in a square of a town, and this old man invited them in to stay. Soon enough a group of men knocked on the kind mans door and threatened to kill the male visitor, instead they got hold of his wife and raped her to death basically….neither of those people were christians…. her husband took her body home and sent a piece of her to each tribe, and showed them how aweful things have gotten….
    And that began a war…

    for millions of years these things have been happening….. and so why should we allow people to misenterpatate the bible now?
    thats where your trouble is.

  10. I’m aware of the story – Prof Dawkins used it in his ‘Root of all evil’. What is he trying to say, and how does this mean don’t misenterpatation the Bible?  What is the correct enterpatationion?

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