License plate frame allows you to piss off the person behind you.

The latest thing in gadgets you don’t really need is the new License Plate Flash Frame. For a mere $49.95 you can have a license plate frame that will store up to 5 programmable messages which you can then display to the world while you’re driving via a handy-dandy remote. Here’s the ad copy:

Scrolling License Plate Flash Frames are an incredible new accessory for any car!  Featuring a lighted, scrolling message display built into a license plate frame.  Flash Frames allow you to express yourself while on the road or stuck in traffic.

Simply create and enter up to 5 messages (up to 120 characters in length each) using the included wireless remote control. Then select from 3 different scroll speeds.

The super-bright LEDs ensure that your message is seen day or night.

You can announce to everyone on the road that you’re a fan of your sports team, advertise your business or tell the person behind you they don’t know the first thing about safely operating a car!

Change the statement as often as you change your mood!

Aside from the obvious issue of driver distraction this poses I think using this thing would be asking for trouble. I know it would be for me as there have been far too many times I’ve wished I had a scrolling message in the back window of my car that said “I BARELY KNOW YOU SO STOP TRYING TO CLIMB UP INTO MY ASS!” for those tailgaters that make me so uncomfortable. Then there’s the ever useful “HANG UP THE FUCKING PHONE AND DRIVE—ASSHOLE!” message that I could’ve used on a couple of occasions as well as many more that I’m sure would only serve to increase the likelihood of me becoming a victim of road rage or convenient drive-time target practice should I ever actually express such sentiments to someone who really deserves to see them.

So I think I’ll save my money and continue to scream into my steering wheel whenever I need to release my frustration at the assholes who think it’s perfectly acceptable to 90MPH on a 25MPH street.

9 thoughts on “License plate frame allows you to piss off the person behind you.

  1. What Les said. I accept that I share the roads with a percentage of assholes. It’s okay to exchange words with your steering wheel, but it’s not worth doing anything that provokes then even more. Assuming they can read and didn’t pass the pictogram version of the driver’s exam.

    We had an object lesson for the perils of cell phone usage a few months ago. Some old lady was chatting on the phone, didn’t figure out which lane she was in, and literally lost her head when she went under a semi’s trailer.

  2. her head when she went under a semi’s trailer.

    Then headed to an important meeting?  wink

  3. I would imagine that gizmo is illegal to put on your rear license plate holder in most jurisdictions.  Putting it on the front in those jurisdictions that only require a rear plate probably would be kind of pointless.

  4. tim gueguen: I would imagine that gizmo is illegal to put on your rear license plate holder in most jurisdictions.

    Here in Texas it is illegal to cover any graphic or text with a frame, thanks to the unintended consequence of a rather innocuous law.

  5. I’d love to have one with the message… “Passing lanes are for those wishing to PASS.  Please move ove if you aren’t using the lane properly.” >smile

  6. On that note, I know a guy with a seriously fast A2 Jetta which has a windshield banner that says “MOVE OVER” backwards.

  7. i would be in so much trouble.. without vulgarity to boot:


  8. That signs seems much to small to be readable unless he REALLY crawls up your tailpipes…

    As for things pissing me off:

    People who complain about other people who actually take speed limits seriously.

    “Hey asshole, you don’t HAVE to drive that slow!”

    “Uh, actually, I have. And I am already 10 km/h over the limit anyway.”

    “So WHAT? You could go 40 easily. Stop slowing me down!”

    Or people who have radar warners in their cars and talk about traffic police as if they were the despicable hand of the police state.

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