Larry Darby really is a stunning idiot.

Sexy Sadie told us about Larry Darby and his run for office the other day and for a lot of atheists it was the first time they’d ever heard of him. I’ve known about him for some time having come across the Alabama Atheists Law Center some time ago and having signed up for their mailing list. I signed up for the mailing list mainly because Alabama seemed to be in the news quite a bit for First Amendment violations and I thought it would be a good way of keeping an eye on the state. Most of the announcements that came through that list didn’t give much of a hint to Darby’s true nature as a racist, but it appears when he left Alabama Atheists he took the mailing list with him as I’m now getting emails from Mr. Darby about his campaign positions. I got one this morning and, hoo boy, is it a doozy!  It contains a series of questions from The Advertiser newspaper and the replies from the candidates including Mr. Darby. Check this shit out:

What do you see as the biggest issue facing the state that the attorney general can have an impact on, and how would you address it if elected. Please explain why.

Darby: To stop the Mexican invasion I will ask the governor to declare martial law for the purpose of using either the de-federalized National Guard troops or the activated Alabama State Defense Force.

County sheriffs and a revitalized community-based constabulary will be the first defenders used to ferret out Mexican invaders already present in Alabama. Mestizos will be treated as prisoners of war and escorted to exit points.

Forces at work in Alabama that have actively promoted open borders in the United States caused this crisis affecting all Southern states. I will declare the Southern Poverty Law Center Alabama’s Public Enemy No. 1 and launch a probe into its activities since its inception with a purpose of emptying its coffers, estimated in 2005 at $193 million, and running them out of Alabama.

Major Alabama newspapers owned by foreign corporations appear complicit in treason against Alabama, as are the owners and management of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Reporters and editors continuously write articles promoting foreign and subversive ideologies that over the decades have distorted perceptions of Alabama in other parts of the United States and the world. The Code of Alabama provides for prosecution against defamation, fraud and harassment. Foreign corporations who act to dumb-down or mislead Alabamians will be scrutinized for violations of criminal and civil laws.

As attorney general I will safeguard the interests of Alabama citizens and make sure subversive interests are not allowed to operate under the guise of a free press.

Holy fuck! It’s hard to believe this guy is an atheist as I’m used to hearing that kind of bullshit come from the Evangelicals, but I’ve been on the mailing list long enough that it’s clear he’s not a believer. His answer to the next question is also… interesting:

As the chief law enforcement officer of the state, what would you do to improve the criminal justice system in Alabama?

Darby: I will work to dismantle the welfare apparatus in Alabama that has led to generations of poverty and non-productivity of an underclass that is expanding exponentially. Corruption among the welfare apparatus, both government and the private industry developed to support the bloated and incompetent Department of Human Resources, is ignored by current and prior attorneys general.

The overpopulation of the underclass is the source of crime. By making parents responsible for their own issue, rather than state regulated supervision, foster care and adoption, the birth rate of the underclass will decline, eventually breaking the cycle of state-sanctioned slavery or dependency on taxpayer funds from cradle to grave.

This long term solution is the only solution to the poverty that leads to the breeding of career criminals, including juveniles. Taxpayer expenditures for law enforcement are artificially high and unnecessary because of the welfare apparatus and the overpopulation it causes.

I will work to end state dependency on federal tax dollars in all areas, not just law enforcement. The United States government has demonstrated failure time and again. Rather than defending U.S. borders, it is using Alabama servicemen and material to advance the interests of the subversive state of Israel. Along with fighting for the return to Alabama of our servicemen, I will seek refusal of federal funds that come from federal yokes which effectively undermine state sovereignty.

In 1819 Alabama entered into a compact with other states and never agreed to become a tax subdivision for a central government in Washington, D.C.

Is it just me? Or is he saying that poor people breed career criminals? It also seems he’s suggesting that dismantling welfare will reduce the number of poor people, but I’m not sure if it’s because he thinks they’ll suddenly start taking responsibility for themselves and stop breeding or because they’ll starve to death. Somehow I think either result would be just fine with Mr. Darby.

Why do you feel you would be the best candidate for this office?

Darby: I am the only qualified candidate. My opponent is a career politician who has prosecutorial tunnel vision. Alabamians have been brain-warped by career politicians who enjoy the status quo and media for the masses to believe that the office of the attorney general is merely that of a top law enforcement official or super-prosecutor. My opponent has no understanding of or vision of what is on the horizon and sees only the waves lapping against a small boat. The Office of Attorney General is a constitutional office and contemplates the officer being much more than a glorified
district attorney.

My roots in Alabama go back to 1817 and, like many other native Alabamians, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired about Alabama government acting against the best interests of Alabama. The attorney general is properly viewed as being a bridge officer on the ship of state. Although my candidacy largely has been ignored by foreign-owned media, such as the Montgomery Advertiser, I am the only candidate who publicly recognizes subversive interests at work in Alabama and I am the only candidate who has the guts to fight for Alabama and restore our sovereignty.

My election will lead to renewed and stronger pride in, and loyalty to, Alabama by its good citizens. My campaign in pro-Alabama and contains this pledge: Flag of Alabama I salute thee. To thee I pledge my allegiance, my service, and my life.

A lot of Christians don’t believe me when I tell them that there are anti-abortion atheists or those that don’t accept evolution as true, but Mr. Darby shows us that all you can tell about an atheist is that he doesn’t have a belief in Gods. Beyond that, he can be just as much of a racist asshole nutball as any True Believer.

6 thoughts on “Larry Darby really is a stunning idiot.

  1. Well, thanks heavens—God knows we have more than enough of these sort of idiots on our side of the theism aisle.  raspberry

  2. Up until the early 1970’s the South voted solid Democrat.  President Johnson was right when he said “We have just lost the South for a generation” when he signed The Civil Rights Act in July 2, 1964.  Southern Democrats historically had been white supremists and even KKK members, many of whom denied the holocaust.  After Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act, many Southern Democrats; including Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms, changed parties and became Republicans.  I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that that there were quite a few Southern Democrats who were closet agnostic atheists.  How many of the Republican candidates running for office in 2006 are closet agnostic atheists?  The only things unusual about Darby is that he is 40 years behind the times and that, unlike his closeted predecessors, he claims to be an Atheist.

  3. Wow.  Just…wow.  Funny how he goes from “Mexican Invaders” to “mestizos”, implying that all people of Spanish/nativeAmerican ancestry are in this country illegally, and are “enemies”.  Idjuts like this give those of use who oppose illegal immigration a bad rep.  As for all his other crap….the mind boggles.  This just may be the one time that I hope an atheist is discriminated against when running for public office.

  4. Spanish/nativeAmerican ancestry are in this country illegally, and are “enemies

  5. Last Hussar: You got to be careful of those natives illegally sneaking into their country.

    Much like his denial of the Holocaust, I’m sure that Darby denies the reality that Native Americans were here first.

  6. Holy fuck! It’s hard to believe this guy is an atheist as I’m used to hearing that kind of bullshit come from the Evangelicals, but I’ve been on the mailing list long enough that it’s clear he’s not a believer. His answer to the next question is also… interesting:

    I think he sounds more like Goebbels just warming up.

    Much like his denial of the Holocaust, I’m sure that Darby denies the reality that Native Americans were here first.

    Sadie, you got it all wrong. They were here first ILLEGALLY. What kind of justice system would reward them for that? Gotta purify the state!

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