Jury to Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling: Suck it.

Looks like Lay and Skilling could’ve benefited from buying some of Rod Parsley’s “Divine Bad Decision Protection” as the jury is sending their asses to jail:

After the verdict Lay stood with his family members gathered around him and weeping loudly. Lay had no tears and tried to console them, saying, “God’s got another plan right now.”

Lay, 64, the son of a preacher, then clasped hands with them as they stood in a circle to pray. “We’ll all come through this stronger and more reliant on God,” he told them.

It always sucks when your plan and God’s plan end up being two different things. I think the following statement sums up the depth of my sympathy for these two fine and upstanding individuals: Ha!! Ha ha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

*Snicker* Just call me Mr. Compassion. 

10 thoughts on “Jury to Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling: Suck it.

  1. Let me get this straight. It was Dog’s plan that they should be big-time crooks and avoid temporal justice. Then the plan changed.

  2. I woke up to Mr Lay on the news on the clock radio.  He is badly confused.  He thinks that it is gods will that he be found innocent, however aparently god and the jury think he’s a lying cheat who needs a few decades in federal prison.
    Enjoy your stay Mr. Lay.

  3. Check the news Les, these guys weren’t arrested after their guilty verdict was given to them. They were allowed to drive back home to their cosy mansions and wait until September for sentencing. That’s how many months for them to use their finances to escape to a country that the US doesn’t have an extradition treaty in?

    According to Greta Van Susteren, they weren’t arrested “because they’re not black.”

    Truer words were never spoken by a Fox News correspondent.

    Chances are they are either going to run away because the super rich can do whatever the hell they want to in this country. Or, after they have been sentenced, Bush will pardon them secretly. Then the those two assholes will say that it was their faith in god that allowed this to happen.

    Just think how fast Fox and CNN can spin this to make Bush look good?

    There’s no way to win sometimes.

  4. Doubtful Bush would pardon them.  It would reduce his popularity.  Oh, wait…

    They really aren’t super-rich anymore, though they’re certainly better off than you or I.  Hopefully they will be sent a nasty prison where the tennis courts are poorly maintained and the lattes are simply awful.

  5. [rant]What’s the betting they are still able to communicate from inside the low security prison (white collar crime), and so still make investments etc. Even if they don’t, all that money will be waiting for them when they come out, and their wife/brother inlaw/cousin will end up on the board of some corporation, and they will still have access to Emperor Bush.

    To hell with prison- make them work minimum wage, in a life-style where their former ‘friends’ won’t want to associate because they are not useful any more.[/rant]

  6. I once posted a similar suggestion about Bernard Ebbers of Worldcom fame, but at least one commenter felt it crossed the borderline of ‘revenge’ which was bad for some reason.

    Guys like Ebbers, Lay, Skilling – they talk a lot about ‘risk’ but they mean risking your money while they will continue to live in a mansion no matter what.  The risk of having to work a minimum-wage job with no status is probably the only thing they really fear.  So it’s a very good suggestion, IMO.

  7. one commenter felt it crossed the borderline of ‘revenge’

    I don’t know about the US, but because they are ‘respectible’, in Britain they would get a softer prison life. When Jeffrey Archer (crap author, MP, and liar) was jailed for perjury, he wrote and sold a book about his life inside.  If a sentence is to be a deterrent then letting other CEO’s know they are in deep shit if they get caught with their fat sticky fingers in the till, perhaps they won’t bloody do it. It really pisses me off when I see banned directors hiding behind relatives as directors.

  8. DoF: I once posted a similar suggestion

    Guys like Ebbers, Lay, Skilling sound a bit sociopathic to me.
    By their gutting of thousands of people they are more guilty of serial killings than serial killers
    I wonder how many lives were shortened by their greed.

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