Joystiq does a pre-E3 MMO roundup.

Nothing gets people jumping on a bandwagon better than someone else having a massive success and with over 6 million players worldwide you don’t get much more successful than Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. Naturally this means that everyone and their brother is working on their own Massively Multiplayer Online game that they’re hoping will take a chunk of WoW’s audience. There are 31 new MMO games in development at the moment not counting expansions to already existing games so the folks over at Joystiq have come up with a pre-E3 roundup of MMOs for those of you who may have grown weary of your current addiction.

Many of the newcomers are based on TV and movie franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Stargate Worlds, Star Trek Online, Age of Conan, and The Lord of the Rings Online. See the rest of the list of newcomers over at Joystiq.

1 thought on “Joystiq does a pre-E3 MMO roundup.

  1. While I am not at all looking forward to a good 95% of those new games coming out, I am extremely stoked about the Star Trek MMO.  Even more so when I found out you can play a Klingon *and* possess the ability to aquire the rank of admiral to control an armada of ships!

    Of course there’s the WoW expansion coming out so that should be cool, though my feelings on that is that they should have really made sure to fix what needs to be fixed in the game currently with class problems/server issues before even considering developing the expansion.  But eh well…  Blizz wants to make their gagillions of dollars.


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