It’s good to see our fast food managers are relatively intelligent.

Was reading this Yahoo News item about some idiot teenager working at a burger joint who’s in trouble because she threw a scalding hot cup of grease on a customer who spit on her. When I got to the comment from the manager of the burger joint I couldn’t help but laugh at it:

Shaji Joseph, an area manager for the hamburger chain, said the customers were upset when the employee closed the walk-up window on them Sunday afternoon.

“Nobody would just throw grease at somebody without provoking,” Joseph said. “(But) we totally understand she can’t throw grease on her.”

Good. I’m glad to see the manager has half a brain and understands what I would’ve thought to be pretty obvious. Throwing grease on customers = not a good thing.

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  1. In the hierarchy of things you shouldn’t do, yes, I would say throwing scalding hot grease on someone is near the top. However, any customer who is ill mannered enough to spit on someone deserves retribution. Too bad the girl didn’t just knock out a few of her teeth.

  2. But c’mon… fired?  Just for causing third-degree burns on someone and condemning them to a series of agonizing skin grafts and surgeries?  She totally had it coming for spitting on the guy.  Some people have no sense of proportion.

  3. she threw a scalding hot cup of grease

    What sort of cup was it? Not one of those cardboard ones. She wouldn’t have been able to hold it.
    Did she throw it thru that little serving-window opening? Good shot.
    Or, did she get the fat and run outside and do the dump?
    Was it a full cup? Did she burn her own fingers?
    Did she aim at her body to save her face or did she miss her target?
    Why did she close the window? Was it time or was she being harassed or was she being an arsehole?
    So many interesting questions.
    Okay, okay, okay … I know. It’s not a joking matter. LOL
    I just have zero tolerance for spitters especially in the Age of Aids.
    Look at the ripples caused by chick spit. Her mate pushed the wrong button, she gets to go to hospital (they’ll probably find she has a tumour she didn’t know she had and House saves her life) and the girl loses her job.
    We know what her defence will be. “In that nano-second, your honour, all I thought of was aids

  4. It may not be a serious enough crime to warrant the “crime of passion” defense (I’m not a law scholar). All I know is, I would be fucking pissed if someone spit on me. Then again, she missed her target, and as Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

    Or in this case, “scalding.”  (:red: sorry)

  5. FYI, you can’t get AIDS from spit.

    I know that but, THEY don’t.
    THEY don’t even know that you can’t CATCH homosexuality.LOL

  6. THEY don’t even know that you can’t CATCH homosexuality

    True. But, people (especially young children) CAN be influenced by it.

  7. Fire the employee and send her ass to jail for aggravated assault. Arrest the niece and send her happy ass to jail for assault. Under current law, spitting on someone IS a form of assault.

  8. True. But, people (especially young children) CAN be influenced by it.

    BULL-fucking-SHIT!!!  raspberry
    I was never tempted to want/desire/require to fuck ANY blokes. ‘Lucky’ for me, I was always hetro. From my earliest memory I always liked chick’s tits, etc. In fact I coulda thought my self a LESBIAN as I love every/anything to do with the female body, especially if they’re young with nice, firm tits.LOL
    Were you ever in doubt? Obvously neither answer matters.

  9. While working as a waitress at a small, family-owned restaurant, I happened to mention to a couple guys at the counter that I was going home an hour early because it was our 10th wedding anniversary, so I had to get ready and then give instructions to the sitter.
    One of the guys said something about having one man for long enough and it was time to see who else was out there, implying that he might be my type.

    I went to the back room and got a bottle of dish soap and proceeded to set in on the counter next to his coffee cup.
    When he asked what it was for, I told him to wash his filthy mouth.
    The owner hurried over and took away the bottle and told me I had to apologize to the “customer”.
    I told him I would quit the job first, and I would never serve this guy again.

    Other customers came to my defense, said they would walk out right with me, and more or less shamed the jerk so much that he left.
    He waited a couple days before he came back (he really did like our hash browns), but I never had anything to do with him again.  I always made someone else take his order and serve his food.

    The girl who tossed grease probably got heckled first.  Fired from her job Yes, but no doubt the $dollar signs of company insurance will bring on a lawsuit.
    Actually, a bit of comuppance now and then would bring on the expectations of politeness so woefully needed these days.

  10. BULL-fucking-SHIT!!!  rasberry
    I was never tempted to want/desire/require to fuck ANY blokes.

    Now, now LuckyJ.  There are all sorts of ‘levels’ of influence.  It’s not the man-loving that we’re concerned about, it’s that unfortunate tendency to wear a variety of pastels.  [wistfully] Some of us just can’t pull it off. 
    red face

  11. It’s not the man-loving that we’re concerned about; it’s that unfortunate tendency to wear a variety of pastels.

    I thoughtlessly go over the top sometimes and use even more narrow vision resulting in less logic than that which I attack. red face
    I’m glad to see that Avatar again, by the way.
    The show was way ahead of its time; one had to be a bit bent to appreciate it.
    I am. Most didn’t. LOL

  12. Fastfood is a thankless job.

    Burger King is evidently talking about an IPO soon
    on a less related note. Seriously is some of the shittiest food I’ve ever had. I’d rather eat an MRE
    waaay past expiration..

  13. Fastfood is a thankless job.

    MrsDoF and I often nosh under the Golden Arches, and the people who work there are really nice to the customers, which makes me think that generally the customers are nice to them.  We certainly make an effort to be pleasant and appreciative because food service standing on your feet on a tile floor can get old.

    Of course, I would imagine the occasional jerk can really ruin your whole day.

  14. I’ve had plenty of terribly rude customers. A part of me says, “good for you!” Then again throwing a burning substance on a customer is not acceptable. It just invites trouble. But I do empathize with the worker.

  15. Luckily, my job rarely has me interacting with customers (I’m a baker), but on the rare occasions I do, there are certain people who assume the employees are robots.  So they yell and don’t stop to think and realize that there demands are stupid, all while I and others stand there and take it. 
    As such, I have a lot of sympathy and patience for people in service industries as opposed to my dad, who has very little patience left after a lifetime of being “up to the rafters with idiots and assholes”, to use his words.

  16. Luckily, my job rarely has me interacting with customers

    They can be a pack of bastards, can’t they, MoP?
    I had a hamburger joint in the late 70s. I remember one nite, shop full, everyone shouting their order.
    I was most likely stoned out on something. I stopped them with my loud “Shut the fuck up!!” I smiled into the silence and “Now that I have your attention, one at a time please.” And No, I didn’t lose any business. It was a gold mine.
    In nearly 3 years that’s the only hassle I remember.
    I never did and still won’t, take any shit.

    there are certain people who assume the employees are robots.

    I’m sure some of them think anyone serving them is beneath them and, therefore a slave.
    I quite enjoy treating people serving me as I would like to be treated. grin

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