Is it going to rain? Your umbrella will know.

From the more-crap-I-don’t-really-need-but-would-be-cool-anyway department comes word of a WiFi enabled umbrella that lets you know if you should take it along with you with a glowing handle that gets brighter as the chance of rain gets worse.

We’re often at a loss as to why the citizens of earth deem it necessary to partake in these “outdoors” of which they speak, but if such an action must be done, might we recommend a WiFi umbrella to help combat the elements? The premise is pretty simple, the umbrella handle has an LED that glows based on the likelihood of precipitation, so instead of taking the 30 seconds necessary to look up the weather on the Internet, or sticking your head out of a window, you can just glance at your umbrella on the way out. Sounds a lot like Ambient’s Weather Forecasting Umbrella, but beyond looking just plain snazzier, this version pulls all its information off of your Internet via WiFi. It really sounds like quite the functional use of usually superfluous technology, even if it is just a clever ploy to draw us outside for our demise. No word on price or availability. – Engadget – WiFi umbrella lets you know when its needed

Personally I prefer to avoid going outside as much as possible what with the deadly West Nile mosquitoes and the killer death rays of the sun beaming down on you and all, but alas I do have to work for a living and I can always tell my coworkers that it’s not that the handle glows when it’s going to rain, but that it glows whenever orcs are close by! Yeah! That’s the ticket!

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