I suppose it could be worse. I could live in California.

Feeling the pain at the gas pump? Take a look at the USA National Gas Temperature Map and take comfort in the idea that there’s someone else out there who’s probably feeling it worse. Unless you live in California, but then you can always feel better about the fact that it’s not as bad as it is in Europe (as so many SEB regulars like to remind us).

Looking at the map it’s almost enough to make you want to move to Wyoming. Almost.

Via ***Dave.

4 thoughts on “I suppose it could be worse. I could live in California.

  1. The other day on the news here in Los Angeles, they were talking to some people at auto dealerships, which are reporting a rash of gas thievery from the tanks of the inventory.  That’s desperate, dude!

    $3 and thirty fucking cents for regular gas at the “cheap” station near my office!  I’m so glad I didn’t get that Hemi-fied Dodge Magnum I was drooling over…  LOL

  2. Unleaded petrol from the local pump costs about $6.50 (based on £0.95/litre) here in Britain (I’m about fifty miles south of London), mostly due to the enormous fuel tax. This is one of the reasons that I take public transport – because a season ticket on the train costs about the same as the petrol, road tax, MOT (annual government-mandated checkup of all vehicles) and so on for driving, plus the cost of buying a car, hiring an instructor and taking the test is enormous.

    Even living in California, the average British punter would be paying half what they currently pay. And the only person getting the “windfall profits” here is the government who charge a phenomenally large tax on petrol, which has made the haulage business uncompetitive and increased the prices on goods because of the cost of shipping and delivery.

    All so we can have a war in Iraq and diversity co-ordinators in our council offices. Blessed be government!

  3. Wow. What a map.
    If it weren’t for NYState and California you’d be all greenish.
    It doesn’t seem logical that the cheapest fuel seems, generally, to be further from the coast.
    In Oz that map would have some dark green bits round the capital cities on the coast, going towards red the further away you went except for Queensland where they don’t have as higher fuel excise, if any. Qld would be all green.
    Here it’s $AU1.409 per Litre or $US4.04 per US Gallon.
    I wonder if we’ll see $100/barrel before the end of the year.

    I just did a trip away and remember filling up after 197 miles (318 ks) and it only cost me $US16.00 ($AU21.30). Daihatsu Sirion. 3 cylinder. 989cc. Verrry Cheap to run.
    My mate from Vietnam days, gave me a branch, near the size of my forearm, from his plant in the wardrobe. Happy daze. He still feels guilty about the intense verbal session we had over two years ago. I keep telling him it was my smart mouth that started the session in the first place. He’s the one who once said to me that I disagreed with every thing he said. I said: No I don’t. LOL
    How’d I get to there from here? I love ambiguity when it works, always. grin

  4. I can’t remember where I read this, but someone once calculated the average speed of the American auto commuter, dividing the miles traveled by the number of hours spent not only on the road, but also the hours spent working to pay for the car, gas, insurance, and so forth.  The final figure was less than three miles an hour.  The average commuter would thus be better off walking to work and working fewer hours.

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