Hours of fun with the “Motivator.”

You’re familiar with those stupid motivational posters that are all the rage with the beautiful photographs combined with insipid sayings meant to motivate you to great heights, right? At the very least you’ve probably seen the highly amusing antithesis to those posters from the folks at Despair, Inc., yes? Have you ever wanted to make your own motivational posters but where just too damned lazy to learn how to use an image editor? Well then The Motivator is for you. Simply take any picture and whatever pithy bit of text you’ve come up with and head over to that site and you can make yourself your own motivational poster like this one:

Oh yes, I’m going to have HOURS of fun with this one.

10 thoughts on “Hours of fun with the “Motivator.”

  1. ahahahhahahahhh haha ha ha ….


    wwwwwwaaaaaaaa, choke, sob, choke

    sniffle, sniffle ….

    If only it weren’t so true.

  2. The posters they have at Despair Inc. are hilarious.  I can’t decide which one I like most.  Procrastination fits me best, but Ambition and Get to Work are also great…

  3. You’re going to hate me, Seph, but your linky no worky.

    Cosmic, I’m a big fan of Despair, Inc.‘s stuff as well. We have a couple of them around the Systems area here the most prominent being the “APATHY – Maybe If We Ignore The Customer They’ll Leave Us Alone” poster.

    For some reason folks visiting the Systems area fail to find that one amusing.

  4. Hmm I guess the direct links only work for a bit… Because me and a few guys have been tradin back and forth in IRC for a bit and haven’t noticed that.

    The links probably just expire after a while if you don’t make the effort to save them.

    Oh well.

  5. The demotivational posters re just a treat..
    makes me wanna put some up at work.

    Youre going to hate me les but your site no worky..
    ..until i login that is.. looks like a permissions
    error of some kind. unable to browse unauthenticated.

    main body (recent topics) in the
    middle and stupid evil comments on down are not
    one Giant blank ass page with your mug so I cant lurk and skulk about in the ether… haha

  6. I already thought of a poster that was similar to that except at the bottom it said “Nepotism: How the world really works”

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