Holiday weekend roundup.

I trust everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, at least for those of you who actually live someplace where the holiday is observed. Most of Saturday was spent playing World of Warcraft with the wife as we managed to work on quite a bit of the Onyxia Key quest chain to get her caught up to where I was in the series of quests so we could join up with some fellow guild members to tackle the portions that require a 5 person group to do. Managed to get into a 5 man group earlier than we expected to and got through the toughest spots and even got her Molten Core attunement quest done in the process. Yeah, I know that’s gibberish to a lot of you so here’s the short of it: We spent way too much time sitting in front of our PC’s playing a game Saturday even missing dinner in the process because by the time we finished it was around 11:30PM. That’s how involved that quest line is and we’re not even completely done with it as after that was all wrapped up we needed to hook up with a 10 man raid group in order to finish the final quest that’ll give us the key to Onyxia’s lair.

Sunday I spent in the basement playing Battlefield 2 for the most part. I never got into Battlefield 1942 and I’ve had BF2 for months without playing it much, but I decided I was going to sit down and figure it out so I did. It’s better than 1942, but still not my favorite FPS. Sunday it got pretty hot around our parts and there’s a good 30 degree temperature difference between upstairs and downstairs so I had every reason to stay downstairs as much as possible.

Monday we went up to see the folks for an early B’Day celebration for my dad. Of course yesterday was a record setting day of heat for us here in Michigan with the temps topping out at 92, which is very unusual for the end of May. Like my in-laws, my parent’s house doesn’t have central air so I spent part of our time there helping them open windows and set ceiling fans to try and get a good cross-breeze going. They do have a small window mounted air conditioning unit that I carried upstairs for my mom and stuck in their kitchen window only to find the fan on it has died. So I pulled it back out of the window and managed to wrench my back a bit in the process. Nothing too serious, but enough to have me walking like an old man today and occasionally grimacing from the twinges of pain that certain positions bring on. It’s my own fault for trying to man-handle the damned thing myself and I’ll be fine in a couple of days, but it’s going to make me the butt of a few jokes for the next couple of days I’m sure.

And that’s largely the extent of my weekend. A whole lot of goofing off with a little time spent at my folk’s place where I engaged in the exciting activity of self-injury. I did manage to eat a few hotdogs and hamburgers over the weekend as well, as is mandated by Federal Law as part of the Official Opening of Summer. How about you guys? Surely you did something more exciting than I?

6 thoughts on “Holiday weekend roundup.

  1. Yes I agree with you, the World of Warcraft video game is a great choise to celebrate the Memorial Day in a modern digital style. I guess a lot of people have celebrated in the same way.

  2. Memorial Day Weekend.

    Driving 100+ mph everywhere: at $3.00/gal expensive

    Driving without a seatbelt: antisocial thrill

    Getting the female cop’s phone number: priceless

    I hope you all had a great M-Day!

  3. My youngest brother Daniel graduated from high school on Sunday, so we flew back to see him and the rest of my family. We got back home yesterday. I’m still tired and plane-stiff. confused

  4. Sorry about the back! But it was good having you visit!

    Oh he didn’t tell you that after he killed himself getting it in the window the damn thing didn’t work.  Kinda of a bummer !!

  5. Momma, you must know that when one goes to a great deal of trouble to fix something and reinstall it, that it won’t work as a matter of principle.

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