God fries five kids praying at large metal cross in Mexico.

Five kids between the ages of 9 and 16 got a taste of God’s wrath first hand on Sunday while praying in front of large metal cross set on a hill in Santa Maria del Rio:

“The lightning went straight into them and killed them instantly,” local Red Cross chief Eduardo Suarez told the daily El Norte.

Officials in the state of San Luis Potosi were not immediately available to confirm the report, also in the newspaper El Universal.

A photo showed charring on the cross’s turquoise-painted cement base, although the cross was still standing.

Several families had been participating in a midnight ceremony as part of a local religious festival that centers around the cross.

Several other people were also injured by the lightning strike. When contacted by reporters God said he didn’t have a specific reason for the sudden smiting other than the amusement factor it involved. “You should’ve seen the look on their faces when they got here,” God is reported to have said, “It was priceless!

7 thoughts on “God fries five kids praying at large metal cross in Mexico.

  1. I’m sure they deserved it.  Building a metal cross at the top of a hill sounds like a Christian thing to do.  Reminds me of a favorite quote from Terry Pratchett:

    He was the sort of person who stood on mountaintops during thunderstorms in wet copper armour shouting “All the Gods are bastards.”

  2. Jeezus you’re a cynical pack a bastards. LOL

    Zilch – that Pratchett is a twisted bastard.
    I’m sure he musta been the fella who said: He was in a leaky boat that floated like a bowling ball doesn’t.

  3. Jeezus you’re a cynical pack a bastards

    Well, the christians always say they prayed to god and he answered their prayers when they were in some disaster. The reverse logic should be true too.

  4. Lol. Reminds me of the chronology in our family bible (250+ years old!). The old times, it seems that every second entry was “And then the drought was very heavy and all the cattle died. May God never send such a drought again!” and “The flood washed away three houses. May Good never send such waters again.”

    I kid you not. Actually, the entries were pretty sparse (seems my people weren’t big on writing until I came along and wrote more babble in one days email than they did in a year or more). But it makes you wonder at the guy reading that stuff of his forefathers and then adding his own little “We got whacked, lets hope he doesn’t do it again!” spiel to it….

  5. God invited these children to heaven to be with him, because they were good. Or maybe it was conductivity.


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