Fun with Captions: What’s “Dick” Cheney saying?

Let’s have a little fun…

49 thoughts on “Fun with Captions: What’s “Dick” Cheney saying?

  1. “This is what that little Iraqi guy looked like right before I shot him…”

    “(Breathing heavy) Has anyone seen… my gun?”

  2. Speaking of Bush: “His death was a necessary loss. Soon I will have a new apprentice, one far younger and more powerful.”

  3. Cheney is so stiffly conservative that even the stick up his butt has a stick up its butt.

  4. Psycho: Cheney is so stiffly conservative that even the stick up his butt has a stick up its butt.

    And with Karl Rove, it’s sticks all the way down! LOL

  5. Where do they find these these darned lectern hookers, she bit little Dick!

  6. Why doesn’t the girl show up at MY hearings???

    I hate giving these speeches… ok, audience is naked, audience is naked, quail hunting, audience is naked….

  7. “Despicable”. That’s the first time anyone’s ever applied that word to me.

    Two bucks if you can place that quote!

  8. Brush?  Of course I brush my teeth…  see?  Stupid fucking question.

  9. That’s Cheney explaining his horrible constipation to a group of third graders.

  10. There were so Weapons of Mass Destruction! There were! There were! THERE WERE!!

  11. “Don’t make me angry!  You wouldn’t like me when I’m ANGRY!!!”

  12. Damn MRE’s broke my denture plate. That’s the last time I’m doing one of Georges’s damn “spontaneous visiting of the troops” things.

  13. “Dammit, George, I told you you can’t keep your pony in the white house. Who’s going to clean this shit off my shoes?”

    Sort of reminds me of my favorite Bush joke.

    Bush and Cheney are out for breakfast at a little dinner. After looking over the menu, Bush looks at the young waitress and says, “How about a quickie?”

    She slaps him and walks away.

    Cheney shakes his head and says, “It’s pronounced ‘Quiche’, George.”

  14. Given KPG’s comments in the Pat Boone thread I think he might like this one.

    Maggie Thatcher and her Cabinet go out to dinner.  The waiter comes to take the order.

    ‘Steak, raw’ says Maggie

    ‘And the vegetables?’

    ‘They will have the same’.

    The odd thing is this was wriiten for a sketch on the satirical puppet show ‘Spitting Image’.  However a number of members of that cabinet claim to have been at that dinner!  politicos- anything to ingratiate themselves.

    As for captions how about ‘One more question about popularity ratings and me an’ you are going huntin’ with shotguns,you get me?’

  15. I loved Spitting Image

    I never know what’s made it over the water, so I tend to over describe. On the other hand we seem to get all your crap…

  16. I spent a couple weeks in Ireland back in 2001 and all I could find on TV was US programming. It was really weird. The Simpsons aired at least 7 or 8 times a day.

  17. “Can’t you mother fuckers just be shocked and awed?!”

    I think we have a winner- give the man cigar.

  18. And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for you meddling reporters!

  19. I won’t even try to compete out of my league here, but I’ll second Hussar’s nomination of Justice, and give the woman a cigar.

  20. CB: Brush?  Of course I brush my teeth… see?  Stupid fucking question.

    Sorry to disagree Zilch/LH but when I saw the above I thought: Yes! That’s what the arrogant prick said.
    But, what do I know? LOL

  21. and give the woman a cigar.

    I sit corrected.

    Can’t you mother fuckers just be shocked and awed?!”

    May have to use that next time my wargaming goes bad.

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