Definition of “lucky to be alive.”

16 thoughts on “Definition of “lucky to be alive.”

  1. How the hell did he do that!

    I had to watch this several times. I didn’t even see it a couple of replays.


  2. I had to watch this several times. I didn’t even see it a couple of replays.

    I’m with you mate. I was wondering where the ‘lucky to be alive’ tag came in.
    Bet he couldn’t do it again. LOL

  3. He’s lucky to be alive, but anyone near him is not so lucky he’s alive.  Having kids nearly run over by such drivers cures one of admiration for dumb shits like this.

  4. Yup – as a cyclist for the last few years ive developed a healthy hatred for some motorist I see on the road – bastards never explode like I wish they would though wink

  5. The last thing I feel for that idiot is admiration, trust me. Still, rather he made it through unharmed than the alternative of him slamming into some innocent passerby.

  6. Did you notice that eastbound traffic is moving at a nice clip, but westbound is at a stop?  Truly it is a very creative bit of work with an editing suite.

  7. You think someone edited that clip together?

    How do you explain the dark van burning a little rubber when he hits the brakes to try to avoid the car flying through the intersection?

    If you look at the video again, you will see that the “eastbound” traffic has a left turn signal on as well, the westbound traffic is not allowed to go when the “eastbound” traffic has the right of way with the lights.

    With all the high-speed cop chases that happen each year, this situation seems perfectly plausible. (Sorry, I’ve been watching way to many Mythbusters lately)

  8. SWEET – Watch the traffic light – the post in the middle of the intersection (towards the left side of the video).

    It’s got a traffic camera on it which flashes as the jerk barrels into the intersection. BUSTED.

    Also, as for the authenticity of this clip, watch the moron as he continues through traffic beyond the intersection. He does a subtle little jig to pass slower traffic right near the end of the clip. A fake would have either made it much more obvious or skipped it altogether.

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