Cool machinima: Deviation.

Go check out this short virtual film called Deviation:

The short film ‘Deviation’ was shot using an online game engine with the virtual actors and director never having met one another.

Macintyre, an online-game character and member of a four-man counter-terrorist squad, attempts to break out of the cycle of futile violence that has been his sole existence.

Dropped into the middle of a mission and faced with the prospect of climbing into an ambush at the end of a manhole tunnel, Macintyre strives to convince the other squad members that there is another way…

Link found via Boing Boing.

3 thoughts on “Cool machinima: Deviation.

  1. Why would they use a game essentially from 1999 for something in 2006. Although I swear I saw this exact video on CS fansites like back in 2001.

  2. Wow.
    The sound of that chopper in the first nano-second of that clip propelled me straight back to Vietnam 1969. What a trip.  wink

  3. Interesting video.

    Too bad there’s a status quo. If you don’t know what to think (or don’t want to) there’s always a simple way.

    “What other way” indeed.

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