Cato blog warns Republicans to be careful what they wish for.

I believe I pointed out something similar with regards to Republicans threatening to use the “nuclear option” on the filibuster awhile back. Now the folks at the Cato Blog are pointing out how the precedents set by the Bush administration and cheered by many Republicans could come back to bite them in the ass should the Dems capture the White House:

What I do know is that if Hillary is the next president, she’ll be able to lay claim to a number of vast, extraconstitutional powers championed by right-wingers like, uh, John Podhoretz. Among those powers is the ”inherent executive authority” to wiretap at will and, perhaps, to seize American citizens on American soil and hold them without charges for the duration of the war on terror — in other words, forever.

The ’90s weren’t that long ago. And I remember a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth over misused FBI Files and suspicious IRS audits. Over the last four and a half years, many of the same wailers and gnashers have cheer-led the concentration of unreviewable power in the executive branch, as if George W. Bush would be the last president ever to wield that power. And now, lo and behold, there’s the mistress of Travelgate warming up in the on-deck circle. Join me in a bitter chuckle.

Funny, that didn’t make me feel better.

Honestly, it doesn’t make me feel any better either. Bush has spent his entire time in office opening up one major can of worms after another and while I side with the Democrats more often than the Republicans I’m not going to be any happier seeing them abuse these new Presidential powers than I have been with Bush. Republicans like to claim that President Clinton did a lot of damage to the office of the President by getting a hummer in the Oval Office, but I think the real damage has been done by the expansion of Executive Powers under the Bush Administration.

They’re not going to be cheering so loudly once the opposition gets back into power. Can you imagine the heart attacks if it ends up being Hillary and she makes use of these new powers?

Via Dispatches from the Culture War.

9 thoughts on “Cato blog warns Republicans to be careful what they wish for.

  1. Yeah, I’ve been preaching that tune for years.  Payback is a bitch, and when it’s payback using the precedent you set, it’s even worse.


  2. I’d like to see a grassroots thing hit hard for the next election to encourage people to vote anything other than republican or democrat.  It would be really cool if a third or fourth party had a decent amount of representation in Congress next go around.  Both parties have shot themselves in the foot(multiple times), it’s time for the people to realize bipartisan politics don’t work and change it.  I’d love to see at least one of the two major parties become a minor player if not extinct in the next 20 years.

  3. They’re not going to be cheering so loudly once the opposition gets back into power.

    But could they get into power while the friends of GOP control the computer programs collating the votes? confused

  4. Every time I see a Hillary for President sticker on a car it makes me cringe.  The woman is unelectable as President.  To me she has always come across as a shrill, two-faced harpy who would do anything for a vote.  She isn’t a leader, she isn’t a liberal, she’s a politician.

    If the Dems are stupid enough to nominate her, Jeb really does stand a chance at getting elected.

  5. Hillary is much like Lieberman in my book. Pretty much guaranteed to insure I won’t vote Democrat if they get the nomination.

  6. Yup…About the only thing in favor of Hillary is if she was, I dunno, running against Ann Coulter and Coulter was winning. Desparate times and all that. I might just forget waiting in line to vote and start selling everything on eBay for a plane ticket though.

  7. If I were elected today, I’d declare the Republican party a terrorist organization; send the attorney general to Castro with a copy of his torture memo; ship Bush, Cheney, Rumsfield and Limbaugh off, in diapers, to Iran for some “questioning” (with assurances they wont be mis-treated) and tell Congress they have 3 days to repeal the Patriot Act and address all the previous administrations abuses of power.

  8. Lucifer, that’s kind of weak.  You can’t think of better ways to kick off a new reign of tyranny than that? tongue wink Les you should start an “If I were the President of the US, I would…” thread.  It would be fun to see everyone’s ideas. cool smirk

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