Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly fails his own standard.

It seems our old buddy Bill thinks it would be a brilliant plan to have a law where we would deport any high school kids who fail a civics test to Canada:

Now, I submit to you, most high school kids in this country couldn’t pass a civics test. They don’t know what’s going on. They don’t know what the House of Representatives is; they don’t know what the judicial branch is. They don’t know anything.

So, I have a bill that would throw all those kids out. All right? Let’s do that. Let’s get rid of all these dopey kids. OK? Y’all with me on that one? Can’t pass the civics test, Seymour? Say hello to Canada.

Which is a pretty delusional idea to begin with, seeing as I don’t think our own President could pass such a test, but more to the point O’Reilly demonstrated himself that he’d likely be deported under his own plan during the very same radio broadcast when he complained that the Secretary of Energy wasn’t doing enough about high gas prices:

Does everybody understand that? Well, Spencer Abraham doesn’t understand it. He is—in case you didn’t know, because nobody does—he is the secretary of energy. Spencer Abraham. And he’s the invisible man. Only his hat shows up for work. He sits at a desk and all you see is the pen. You can’t see him, he’s invisible. But he did make a statement. Roll the tape.

O’REILLY: OK. I am a pinhead. There’s no question about it today. Spencer Abraham is the former secretary of energy. Samuel Bodman is the current. Now, I made the mistake because they’re the same person. They are. People don’t know that, but they are. Have you ever seen them together?

You have to wonder about this guy sometimes. Is he really as delusional as he sounds or does he have to work at it? Not that I’d be all that upset to have him deported by his own stupid law to Canada or, even better, to Iran.

10 thoughts on “Bill “Douchebag” O’Reilly fails his own standard.

  1. How can you deport someone from the country they were born in?  Is O’Reilly mixing the immigration debate with his own thoughts on what’s wrong with youth?  Man, the workings of that mind must be akin to a hog rendering plant.  The gasses released are just as foul.

  2. I don’t see why BO’R is complaining about ignorance.  Without it, we wouldn’t have a Republican President, a Republican congress or a Republican judiciary.

    Not that we would necessairly have a Democratic party any-of-those-either.  Or if we did they would be drastically different without the criminal ignorance of the American people.

  3. Hey is it really that easy- ‘We don’t like you so we’re kicking you out of the country of your birth’??


    We could do the same to all those British people we don’t want- rapists, murderers, contestants in reality shows…

    Thay could go and stay with Bill.

  4. Oh-my-god .. do you people really say Y’all? – I thought that was only in “Deliverance”  wink

  5. If we get them to pass high school in our system do we get to send them back after their “re-ducation” in the Canadian camps? wink

  6. Find me that civics test so I can fail it!  I was exploring the idea of emigrating to the great maple leaf of the north, only to discover that, absent a request for political asylum, the Canadians require you to actually DO stuff for them before you can live there.  This civics test creates the necessary oplitical persecution!

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