Big earthquake on Saturday in Indonesia.

I don’t tend to pay attention to the news much on the weekends, less so when it’s a three day weekend, so I’m just getting caught up on what’s been happening. Seems there was a magnitude 6.3 quake in Indonesia Saturday with some 5,000+ estimated dead so far. As if that weren’t enough, the quake was followed by torrential rains and the very real possibility that Mount Merapi might erupt at any second.

Has anyone started a pool on how long it’ll be before some asshat Christian claims it’s punishment from God? I’ve not noticed any such pronouncements yet, which is surprising given the speed they’ve come in the past.

7 thoughts on “Big earthquake on Saturday in Indonesia.

  1. Has anyone started a pool on how long it’ll be before some asshat Christian claims it’s punishment from God?

    Like death and taxes, it’s inevitable.  oh oh

  2. On the bright side, there’s a few less potential illegal aliens to deal with…

  3. Sexy Sadie, I appologize, I just stumbled onto this site and was curious about what pool would be started for?…… Forgive me for being a little sllllllooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww…….

  4. o.k. forget that last comment, I read the paragraph that you were referring to. too much work and not enough sleep make for not so bright comments.

  5. Indonesia Earthquake Kills at Least 2,700

    Subarjo, a 70-year-old food vendor, sobbed next to his dead wife, his house destroyed. “I couldn’t help my wife … I was trying to rescue my children, one with a broken leg, and then the house collapsed,” he said. “I have to accept this as our destiny, as God’s will.”

  6. I stumbled across a post board that was discussing this.  Th xian view appeared to be that it was not up to God to stop deaths from natural disasters.  I can only assume this then means that some natural phenomenom are not God’s doing, but, well, natural.  This makes sense on the Micro level- i.e. he invented plate tectonics etc, but He doesn’t necessarily get involved after.  On the Macro scale it does pose the question ‘Why do it to start with?’.

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