37-year-old man lived under teen lover’s bed while her dad remained clueless.

Now this is amazing. Here in the Detroit area 37-year-old Wayne Koch managed to develop a sexual relationship with a 13 year old girl and then ended up living in her home with her by hiding under her bed whenever her father was home:

Initially, Koch lived nearby with his mother; last year she moved out of her St. Clair Shores home and forced him to find a place to live.

He first moved into the garage of the girl’s home, without her father’s knowledge. Once the cold weather set in, he moved inside the teenager’s house and would hide under her bed while the teen’s father was home.

“He befriended this little girl and preyed on her youth,” said Suzanne Faunce, chief of the Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office sex crimes unit. “He would stay in the house and move around when (the father) was not in the house.”

One gets the impression Dad wasn’t around very much. The truth came out when the girl, now 15, wanted to end the relationship and was threatened by Koch with a gun. She ended up telling not her dad, but her aunt about it and the aunt contacted police. Amazing doesn’t begin to describe.

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