What the fuck is Scott McClellan smoking these days?

Because whatever the hell it is must be some pretty strong shit given some of the nonsense he’s spewing out of his mouth.

Take, for example, this entry on Think Progress about McClellan’s response to a Washington Post story about how when President Bush came on TV back on May 29, 2003 and claimed “We found the weapons of mass destruction. We found biological laboratories.” that the Pentagon had turned in a field report to Washington two days prior that debunked that very claim. McClellan’s defense of yet another example of Bush Bullshit?

You know, I saw some reporting talking about how this latest revelation — which is not something that is new; this is all old information that’s being rehashed — was an embarrassment for the White House. No, it’s an embarrassment for the media that is out there reporting this.

I brought up with some of you earlier today some of the reporting that was based of this Washington Post report. And I talked to one of network about it…they expressed their apologies to the White House.

I hope they will go and publicly apologize on the air about the statements that were made, because I think it is important given that they had made those statements in front of all their viewers. So we look forward to that happening as well.

What the fuck?! Hmmmm. Perhaps he’s right. Perhaps they should apologize. Something along the lines of:

Hey folks, we’re sorry we pointed out yet another example of how our illustrious leader has been feeding you bullshit for the past several years. We also apologize for revealing the total incompetence of his administration and staff that are apparently so stunningly arrogant that they feel they’re beyond criticism. We apologize for this because it should be blindingly obvious to anyone who’s paid even the slightest bit of attention and as a result our pointing it out should be an insult to anyone with an IQ bigger than their shoe size.

17 thoughts on “What the fuck is Scott McClellan smoking these days?

  1. I actually saw part of this on CNN at lunch.  McClellan’s answer was—if I followed it, which wasn’t easy—sort of a rambling, “The previous assessment had said it was, we had one of several possible reports come in that said it wasn’t, but the overall intelligence data hadn’t been fully collated.”  Which is bullshit at worst, and just reckless at best.  Rrg.

  2. Les, I think if you would pay more attention to what McClellan is really trying to say then his words wouldn’t come as such a surprise to you. Let me help you out a little: War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

  3. Sadie, (as far off subject as I can get get) I just have to ask. Is that gorgeous babe in your icon actually you? If so, wow! If not, who is she?

  4. I’m sorry to admit that she’s not me. The pic was taken at a Los Angeles love-in in ‘67. I don’t have a clue as to her actual identity, though. I thought she was a cutie, so I had to make her my avi!  grin

  5. Damn, another illusion crushed! Oh, well, I’m certain you’re just as lovely. 1967 huh? A year before I was even born. Makes you wonder whatever became of her.

  6. that photo is was taken at the pinnacle of peace and love
    if memory serves me. i sure she has a name but is merely
    an avatar now. she could have been 18-25
    when it was taken.. probaly closer to 60-65 now.

    it is a stunning photo though. beautiful subject,
    full frame & lots of contrasting colors.

    could have almost been yesterday from a political standpoint.
    wars waged that soldiers dont want to fight
    and civil rights are coming around again.

    maybe we should all plant gardens instead.
    this ‘real job’ shit is for the birds.

    but im not sadie and this is just drivel from a schlub.

  7. well then… i gotta post faster after i preview.
    stupid preview button. its not like i read my own crap anyway.

  8. oh shit is this thing on? you talkin to me?

    haha. kinda in a weird spot at the moment.
    life is funny that way. smallthings can influence opinion, agression, motivation- sleep is needed.

    then off to coffee in the am. im sure theres a planet to save or something equally unimportant
    and even less entertaining.


  9. If you ask me, he’s smoking the White House Press Corp. and they’re taking it up the ass like felons. Helen Thomas, bless her ancient heart, is about the only one who won’t give McClellan a reach around.

    I know they seemed to be asking pointed questions after Katrina but that was short lived and now most are back to pickin’ and grinnin’.

    Never have so many issues deserved so many questions and yet these reporters have been treating five + long years like one slow news day.

    Two weeks wouldn’t give me the time I need to ask Bush and friends my questions but two years wouldn’t see a single honest answer.

    Anybody ever feel like you’re being left behind?

  10. I look just like my picture here….

    Bitch!  you almost killed me!  I practically choked to death on my Coke!

    (Mumble rawr splutter, wipes Coke off keyboard, mumble splutter arg!)

  11. Bitch!  you almost killed me!  I practically choked to death on my Coke!

    Really.  Best pic of me ever taken.

  12. JulianP:  It is a compilation I did ages ago from a website where you can make up your own South Park character.  Kinda’like digital paper dolls – you can choose hair, face, eyes, clothes, accessories, etc.  I think I ended up being a compiliation of Tweek and Butters. 

    Go to southparkstudios.com and click on “create a character.”

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