UFO nut reveals his ignorance of science.

There’s been a mysterious number of loud noises similar to a sonic boom around the country lately the cause of which no one seems to be able to pin down. The most recent one took place in San Diego on April 4th and prompted this news item about the odd phenomena that speculated on several possible causes. It’s your typical something-odd-is-happening-and-no-one-knows-why type story and in addition to the usual possible explanations it dips into the fringe areas of conspiracy theorists and UFO nuts to see what they have to say about it. Here’s what one so called “UFO expert” came up with:

Even UFO experts are baffled by what happened in San Diego. Asked whether a flying saucer might have caused such an event, Peter Davenport of the Seattle-based National UFO Reporting Center said, “Probably not.”

“UFOs almost never generate sonic booms or shock waves,” he added. “They accelerate so rapidly that they leave a vacuum in the sky, much the way lightning does.”

Dumbass. Lightning doesn’t create a vacuum in the sky. The intense heat causes the air to expand rapidly resulting in thunder, which is just another form of sonic boom. If a UFO traveled at the same speed as lightening (which would be damned impressive in its own right) it would create sonic booms of amazing proportions.

And to think these “UFO experts” wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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13 thoughts on “UFO nut reveals his ignorance of science.

  1. Since UFOs are imaginary, they couldn’t leave sonic booms. Did Jesus leave a sonic boom when he ascended into heaven? How about angels? Don’t they suddenly appear, as if they arrived in an instant? How fast is that?  wink

  2. If a UFO traveled at the same speed as lightening (which would be damned impressive in its own right) it would create sonic booms of amazing proportions.

    Les, Les, Les.  Who’s ignorant here?  Everyone (who’s anyone) knows that most UFO’s are tiny- in fact, they are exactly the size and shape of mushroom spores.  That’s how they manage to zing around under the radar!  Of course, their mother ships look, and taste, exactly like mushrooms, but they are of course poisonous- didn’t you ever wonder why so many mushrooms are poisonous?

  3. Who are the overlords of the UFO?

    They would be the Unidentified Fucking Overlords. LOL
    I kill myself sometimes.
    Other times I just die.

    I’m going for a march.
    At least Johnny’s home. wink

  4. Everyone (who’s anyone) knows that most UFO’s are tiny- in fact, they are exactly the size and shape of mushroom spores.  That’s how they manage to zing around under the radar!

    Actually some fringe types have been ranting in recent years about tiny UFOs.  They’re called rods, and turn up only on video recordings and not to the naked eye.  Personally I think they’re one of the sillier paranormal ideas of recent years.

  5. There is evidence that a-phasic spherical arrays of canceled field coils operating at a wide range of frequencies may, in fact; accelerate time within the spherical array.

    If it could be applied in, thru and just outside of a small plane; perhaps a 7 minute trip accross the sky would appear to take only seconds to the outside observer. Air around the plane but inside the “FAST” envelope would so quickly fill in any void left by the plane there would be no sonic boom.

  6. I know what a “field coil” is; do I want to know what a “canceled field coil” is?  Hmmm… nope.  Life is short.

  7. These sonic booms, actually, have a fairly sinister cause: Mexican Airforce spy-planes.  These spy-planes, operating at altitudes well beyond the human eye, having been operating in US airspace for about 3 months now.

    Here’s why Mexico is sending spy-planes into US territory….
    Mexico has, literally, millions of missing citizens.  While US media twists the nature of these missing citizens into cases of “illegal migrations”, the true cause of the “Missing Mexican Millions” is about filling America’s ripening fields and 3rd shift office parks with free, enslaved labour.

    How the abductions operate…
    In the guise of increased “border security”, the US has been luring unsuspecting Mexican citizens dangerously close the US border, only to be dragged by force into waiting vans.  These govt vans then proceed deeper into US territory delivering these “workers” into America’s powerful farming and sanitary corporate interests, often resulting in years of undocumented, untaxed, free labour, with little or no hope of return to their homes.

    It get’s worse…  Breeding Programs?
    The US farming lobby has also been erecting countless “migratory camps” for these abducted Mexicans, forcing them to breed more slaves for the US economy. Mexico’s high-altitude spy-planes have photographed thousands of these breeding facilities, and their supply-vans, in an attempt to document these ever increasing abductions.

    Anyone claiming these to be UFO’s is merely working for the US govt.

  8. Well, first thing, I don’t believe that any UFO has visited earth. I only see it in “Independence Day” and “The X-Files.” But I guess, if UFO exists, it won’t make any sonic boom. Why? Aliens have superior technology so they are able to travel all the way to earth with speed of light that takes away the sonic boom. So humans cannot detect the noise.

    Well, first thing, I know you’re a spammer so your comment is going bye bye as soon as Les logs on. Thats why I’m quoting the whole post.

    Second, you are just as ignorant of science as that Peter guy. The atmosphere has mass so any acceleration is going to cause movement of that mass which will make a wake the same way objects in water do (because the atmosphere is a fluid.)

    Third, nobody knows if UFOs have visited earth because there are too many ignorant dumbasses claiming to have seen one. Did you ever notice that UFOs are never sighted by scientists, professors or other highly educated people? Its always the idiots in a small community or rednecks out in Bumfuck Egypt. The plain fact is that until E.T. stops by and stays for an official photo shoot and interview, nobody can ever know what kind of technology they have. They might have things we never imagined or they might be using chemical propulsion and binary computers.

  9. UFOs do exist, but only in the sense that they’re flying objects that have not yet been identified. Astronauts see them quite regularly, for example, as do air force (and commercial) pilots.

    Whether they’re alien spaceships… that’s an open question. My guess is no. I suspect they’re some natural phenomenon that’s as-yet unexplained.

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