Thomas Dolby is not only touring again, he’s blogging!

Gotta learn to control my excited outbursts here in the office. Shouting out “holy shit” in surprise at learning that my all-time favorite music performer is not only back on the road after 15 years, but is also blogging about it kinda upsets some folks. Fortunately today is the last day before the whole place closes down for a four day holiday weekend so there’s very few people here and none of them were actually upset with me for the outburst. Anyway, Dolby’s blogging and going back on tour. Here’s a bit from the first entry posted back on March 27:

I’m new to blogging. Well, at least in the modern sense. But I’ve been keeping online journals of one sort or another ever since the late 80’s and the days of the Tandy TRS-80 computer… with its wonderful acoustic cups that always looked to me a bit like a male mutual masturbation device.

Modern blogging has all sorts of new ways for guys to jerk off, but I will try hard to refrain from doing that here.

It’s about twenty days until the start of my tour — the first in over 15 years, which is a long time to be away from rock’n’roll. So long, in fact, that until a few weeks ago my three children had never seen me perform. They’d seen tapes of MTV videos starring some guy that had hair, and heard other kids’ parents refer to me as a ‘former rock star’, but for all their short lives I was just a business guy who went to work every day with a briefcase.

Why choose now to get back into music? Well, for a start it was never meant to be a 15 year hiatus. Certainly I was pretty fed up with the music business and when I left LA in 1994, I washed my hands of the whole thing. But in the back of my mind I always thought I’d get my appetite back within a couple of years. Music is the only thing I really know how to do well. I can do lots of things ok — including writing, directing flims, starting a business, computer programming, soccer, and sailing boats and boards — but I’m only world class at one thing and that’s music.

According to the tour schedule at his site he’ll be playing at the Royal Oak Theater here in Michigan on May 13 and I’m simply going to have to attend the show. I never got around to seeing him perform live back in the day despite being a huge fan so I’ll have to make a point of it this time. Alas, nothing in the way of a new album to speak of despite the rumors floating about:

Then Steven D Levitt, brilliant author of the bestselling ‘Freakonomics’, mentioned in his widely-read blog that he had lunch with me in Oxford last summer. As a footnote he stated that I’m back with my first album in 15 years.

Hold on–did someone say ‘album’? This is the first I’ve heard of it. But since Steven’s blog, I’ve seen at least 5 mentions of my new album–and in fact two of the journalists I did interviews with this week asked me whether I’ll be playing songs from the new album in my live show.

Next my agent called and said he has two labels interested in distributing me. I’m not kidding.

If Dolby were to put out a new CD it’d be the first new one I’d buy in a long time. Needless to say this bit of good news has made my day and now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to dig up my old Dolby CDs to listen to on the way home from work today.

10 thoughts on “Thomas Dolby is not only touring again, he’s blogging!

  1. You have to fear a reprimand for saying ‘Holy shit’ in the office? Ugh.

    Heck, I picked up saying ‘Bloody Hell’ to just about everything from my Brit boss next office wink

  2. I think I was like 4 when this guy was popular.
    If I met him I would ask questions like:

    Did man REALLY land on the moon?
    Are you my daddy?

    -As an aside Les, your “old Dolby CDs”
    should include Pyromainia. After all, it’s better
    to burn out than fade away.

    Def Leppard rocks. Im not F-f-foOOoolin’.

    Besides Photograph and Too late for love come to mind as
    well. Not to mention Pour some sugar on me.. (not on that album)
    the best stripper song of all time. no Dolby there though..

  3. I have some seriously excellent memories associated with Thomas Dolby, and especially “Aliens Ate My Buick.”  grin I had a heck of a time getting it on CD a few years ago.  That I might actually get to him live is pretty frickin’ cool!

    And hey Les, hook up “Hot Sauce” on my blog’s memorial page if I die, wouldja? wink

  4. Double-dipping to say “goddammit, I’m late to the party as usual!”  His last show in my neighborhood is TONIGHT, and there’s no way… 🙁  Ah well, next pass, I guess.

  5. Not a problem OB. Hot Sauce was one of my favorite songs as well. Aliens Ate My Buick was definitely one of his weirder albums and one of my favorites of the bunch.

    With any luck he’s back on the road for awhile and will be putting out a new album before to long. He’s already mentioned on his blog that he’s got some new songs he may be working into the tour as he goes along.

  6. I wasn’t able to make it and I’m very upset about it, but hopefully this is the start of a long trend and I’ll be able to catch him next go around.

  7. Well, Elizabeth & I were there – great show – if he comes back to town, I’m sure we’ll be there!

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