Thief not as clever as he thinks.

You gotta give the guy credit for trying. Seems a thief had the good sense to realize that robbing a store under video surveillance is a bad idea unless you take the time and effort to steal the store’s video cameras before you leave. Just one problem: He forgot those cameras are hooked up to a VCR. To make matters worse, he was dumb enough to dress in the same distinctive style that he is known to go by during the robbery:

Elko police said they came away with several close-ups of the suspect, Robert Lynn White, 52, Elko.

And even if the portraits were a little fuzzy, police said they would have been able to easily identify him because he was wearing cowboy chaps and a trench coat, the usual attire he wears around town.

Doh! We’ll give him an A for effort and a D for not thinking things through a little better before deciding to commit a crime.

1 thought on “Thief not as clever as he thinks.

  1. Elko PD sure had their work cut out for em. hahaha

    When a 52 year old thief goes on the rampage in a megalopolis like Elko there is sure to be trouble…
    (where the FUCK is Elko?!?!)
    dont they make dogfood there? crap i bet he was in a big hurry too.. community service and sentenced to remmideal education. the removal of video cams indicates potential. youre never too old to learn new tricks.

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