That’s it. I’m going to go live in the trees with the other nuts.

But only because of these wicked cool tree houses:

Tom Chudleigh set out to build boats and ended up making these sophisticated treehouse spheres that are suspended via wires from old-growth trees or any other stationary objects. He first constructs a wooden frame, and then surrounds it with laminated wood and a clear fiberglass shell. Looks like a great place to meditate, hang out, or even live for a while.

Starting at $45,000, his plans are evolving to include a separate bathroom sphere, and he’s adding plumbing, electricity and other amenities.

Link found via Gizmodo


5 thoughts on “That’s it. I’m going to go live in the trees with the other nuts.

  1. It wouldn’t work for me, since I don’t like heights.  Get me too high up on a stepladder and I start to worry.  Yet strangely I could imagine myself parachuting.  Go figure.

  2. So cool. They’re like those houses by the lake in Riven.

    With power and plumbing (not to mention TV and Internet service), I’d totally want one.

  3. toadalee fuggin slammin pad.

    a real pimp could move into that thing and invite some squirrel honeys over for jentonyx and acorns.

    If the giant acorn’s a rockin’ dont come a knockin’?

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