Segate has a new 750GB hard drive.

Got a spare $590 laying around? Then you could have one of these babies:

The Scotts Valley, Calif.-based company has started to ship its Barracuda 7200.10 line of hard drives to computer manufacturers. The drive features platters that store data in vertical columns, which allow more information to be stored in a given space on the hard-drive platter.

As a result, the top end of the Barracuda line, designed for the PC and workstation market, can hold up to 750GB—a record, according to Seagate (to date, Seagate and Hitachi have sold drives that top out at 500GB). The 750GB drive costs US$590. Other Barracuda 7200.10 drives range in density from 500GB to 200GB. The entry-level model sells for US$108.

“We don’t charge a premium for perpendicular,” said Joni Clark, product marketing manager.

The drive was launched about a month ahead of schedule because of better-than-expected yields in manufacturing.

Won’t be too much longer and we’ll be seeing 1 Terabyte (TB) hard drives hitting the market. And to think I was tickled pink when I got my first 20MB hard drive for my old Amiga way back when.

2 thoughts on “Segate has a new 750GB hard drive.

  1. I read an interview a good while back with Laurie Spiegel, a computer musician and software programmer.  She commented on how when the first one meg disk drives(I think it was one meg) began to appear in the ‘70s she and other programmers couldn’t imagine anyone writing a program that would take up a complete meg of disk space.  I’ve at least a few image files that take up more than one meg.

  2. I currently hold of buying another HD to reduce the amount of my dowloading of po… eh – *stuff*!

    Yeah. Stuff. If there is no space left on my drive, I cannot use my broadband. Another evil invention.

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