No April Fools joke for me this year.

Had a busy weekend and didn’t get around to trying to think up a decent April Fools joke to post on the site. Friday evening was spent working on a PC repair for a family friend. A recent storm had blown out their power supply, video card, and motherboard so I helped them order a new motherboard and video card and motherboard (they’d already bought a new power supply) and swapped it all out on Friday, got the system staged and ready to return on Saturday.

On Saturday, in addition to returning the PC, I spent the afternoon at the Big Red Monkey’s Spankhaus LAN party that he holds every few weeks. We played a lot of Unreal Tournament 2004, Call of Duty 2 and some really old arena combat game called Rune. I never did get a handle on how to play Rune, which probably came as a relief to the rest of the guys as I was seriously dominating them in CoD2. I was even trying to handicap myself a bit by sticking mostly to the bolt-action rifles, which aren’t my favorite weapons in the game.

Sunday Anne and I went out to lunch and then to Costco and signed up for a business membership. Not that we have much of a business to sign up with, just my side-line PC support stuff, but it allows a bit more flexibility so we took it. Then spent an hour or two wandering the aisles and drooling over all the crap we’d like to buy once we manage to buy a house of our own. We also picked up a few items we needed while we were there and then headed home. The rest of the evening was spent investigating mods for CoD2 to put on the server I’m running and then doing some reading before heading to bed at a decent time to cope with the time change.

So that’s it for me. What’d you guys do this past weekend?

10 thoughts on “No April Fools joke for me this year.

  1. HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HO-HA-HA!!!!  Good one, Les!  You really had us believing you weren’t going to do an April Fool’s joke this year.

    No, seriously, when’s your April Fool’s joke?

    Such a kidder…

  2. I did a lot of running around in the city. Was looking forward to a night of sex and candy, but the S.O. had either laryngitis or strep. throat. And she forgot the cake.

    So we went over to her place, cooked up some food, watched South Park and went to sleep. Got up the next day and a buddy from school wants me and my thinking cap to help him shop for birthday gifts. We shuffled around Chinatown for about 3 hours, picked up some bubble tea, dropped off the gifts, then he lured me back to his place with (vapory) promises of Katamari Damacy. It ended up being pizza and AMVs.

    Got nothing done that I wanted too, but it was a great weekend raspberry.

  3. Saturday I went medieval on the clearance sale at Linens and Things…THen went out to a really nice Latin restaurant with some friends for dinner, and after dinner stepped into the dance hall next door where my friend showed me the basics of salsa dancing. I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much.
    Legs still hurt…

  4. John spent the weekend with a male lover that he hasn’t seen in awhile, so I hung out with my pals Pete and Harold. We drove around, ate at fancy restaurants, haunted used bookstores, got drunk, and spent time outside frolicking in parks. Oh, and I ended up smoking a lot more than I wanted to (as I’m trying to quit), but c’est la vie. It was a great weekend!

  5. I went to a party and got pretty smashed, than I went home and attempted to play Counterstrike source, which failed. Than I passed out. Next day I played Starcraft agaisnt a old buddy of mine i hadnt talekd to in awhile. he whooped me with a frontal assult of zerglings and he distracted my airforce with mutalisks while some overloards slipped ultralisks into the back part of my base, no fun:(.  Tha nI made up for it by pking his hardcore Diablo 2 Assasin…yes I am a prick

  6. Saturday, my posslq and I went to our friend Walter’s fiftieth birthday party, where we ate very well (the horseradish and lox sandwiches were especially good) and then, as a birthday surprise, got medieval on him with a marionette concert.

    Sunday, we went for a nice walk along the Danube, which is nearly overflowing its banks in Vienna (there’s lots of flooding in central Europe right now).  Ended up the day with a few hours of practicing for our next concert.

  7. Saturday was a 7 mile walk to the Anglers Retreat along the Canal to the beer festival, where among the pints I had a couple of very nice dark milds.  And the most wonderful liver and bacon with mash and onion gravy.

  8. Yes, Hussar, at least the microbreweries in the States are producing beer as good as anything Europe can offer.  Two of my favorites are Anchor Porter and Lagunitas IPA.

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