Newly discovered fossil another “missing link.”

Lots of news on the recently discovered “fishpod” creature officially named Tiktaalik out there today:

Tiktaalik substantially narrows the gap in the fossil record of the fish-tetrapod transition,” says Per Ahlberg of Uppsala University in Sweden.

Tiktaalik was probably an unwieldy swimmer,” says John Maisey, a palaeontologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. It probably lived in shallow waters, says Maisey, only hauling itself on to land temporarily to escape predators. “Tetrapods did not so much conquer the land, as escape from the water,” he says.

It’s one of the best examples of a transitional fossil found to date and it’ll be interesting to watch the Creationists/IDiots try to find a way to dismiss it. I suspect most won’t work too hard at it, but some will come up with some creative excuses. When you’re Reality Immune it’s pretty easy to ignore what’s right in front of you.

13 thoughts on “Newly discovered fossil another “missing link.”

  1. Eh, they’ll just harp on about how there needs to be more “transitional species,” the fossil record is too incomplete to prove anything, blah blah blah, reductio ad infinitum(?).

  2. What are you talking about? God put those fossils there to test our faith. The previous was sarcastic in nature.

  3. Hell’s a’poppin’ with gaps!  How do those smartaleck scientists explain the gap between me and my kids?  No transitional species there- first you got a solid rational citizen, and then suddenly come two incomprehensible teenaged monsters.  I’m sure I didn’t create them- gotta be Someone Else’s fault.

  4. They won’t dimiss it, they will ignore it.  Stick their fingers in their ears and sing “I am not listening la la la la”

  5. Until the Evil-utionists can produce a fossil of every creature that ever lived, and line them up in one place an’ I get a guided tour showing exactly how a fish turned into a man, they’re just guessing.  It’s all about removing Christmas and Easter and any mention of God from the public square.  Or triangle – I forget which.  Or is it tetrahedron?…

  6. decrepitoldfool: Or triangle – I forget which.  Or is it tetrahedron?

    I spent two seasons in the Octagon, and I can tell you that there was no mention of god or christmas, but they DID mention the vernal equinox.

  7. Or triangle – I forget which.  Or is it tetrahedron?…

    It’s a wicket…

  8. It’s a wicket…

    I’m definately demanding seperation of God and State if it prevents putting bits of good advice on stone slabs in the middle of the wicket at Lords.

  9. Another set back for christians
    Evolution Of ‘Irreducible Complexity’ Explained
    “Our work demonstrates a fundamental error in the current challenges to Darwinism,

  10. That thing is so not a fossil, it looks like a bad shoe that someone left in a rivebed. lol

    once again this is way cool

    zilch- maybe the teen monsters are mutations.hahah

  11. Interesting article, roya, and certainly a setback for the IDiots, but since “irreducible complexity” is basically the argument from incredulity, as in “Gee, I sure don’t see how that could have evolved”, they can just shift the goalposts again, to an as-yet unsolved problem.

    Qoayn- my kids sure didn’t get their “messy room” genes from me.  Or, actually, maybe they did…

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