Making money off the overly credulous: Japanese Portable Ghost Detector.

The problem with living with a ghost is that most of the time they can’t be seen and you won’t know if they’re in the same room with you unless they decide to toss the pottery around for amusement. This can make many ordinary daily routines such as taking a shower very stressful unless you have no sense of modesty. It would be creepy enough to think there was some pervert peeping in on you through the bathroom window so the possibility that there could be a dead pervert standing right next to you as you shave your legs in the shower is probably enough to make you swear off getting naked in your own house ever again.

If you find yourself in just such a situation then you may want to rush right out and buy yourself your own mini-GhostRadar.

Point is, this is a real product. Maybe. It’s called the mini-GhostRadar, and is the fruit of a union between SollidAlliance (the ones behind the bigger Ghost Radar) and Strapya, makers of cellphone charms and such. Whenever the device detects a ghost, it lights up. It detects these otherworldly beings by measuring changes in surrounding magnetic waves.

Of course, it might just “detect” a random magnet. But, at 2079Yen, or roughly $18, you’re basically paying for the opportunity to tell people you got a ghost detector dangling from your phone.

Of course you’ll need to rush right out to Japan as this is only available there at this point in time, but I’m sure someone will import it at some point in the future because we have just as many nut balls here that would plunk down the cash to own such a product as they do over there. I’m willing to bet that you’d discover ghosts tend to like to hang out around the various appliances in your home. Particularly the computer, TV set, radio, and anything that has an electric motor in it. It’s a little known fact that ghosts are major technophiles.


4 thoughts on “Making money off the overly credulous: Japanese Portable Ghost Detector.

  1. As someone with a shameless addition to useless gadgets, I think this is actually kind of cool. I particularly like the little ghost figurine, wearing a frown and with its arms up in the air as if to say “Oh no! Foiled again!” I would probably buy this as a stocking-stuffer for a younger relative or something. But I pity the poor sap who actually thinks of this as anything more than an especially kooky novelty item.

  2. Les, how do you think computers, tv sets, and radios work, if they don’t have ghosts in them?  Reminds me of a story by the late lamented Douglas Adams:

    A man didn’t understand how televisions work, and was convinced that there must be lots of little men inside the box. manipulating images at high speed. An engineer explained to him about high frequency modulations of the electromagnetic spectrum, about transmitters and receivers, about amplifiers and cathode ray tubes, about scan lines moving across and down a phosphorescent screen. The man listened to the engineer with careful attention, nodding his head at every step of the argument. At the end he pronounced himself satisfied. He really did now understand how televisions work. “But I expect there are just a few little men in there, aren’t there?

  3. let me know if you are skeptical but this is true…

    I’m not skeptical at all… While I admire your creativity, you’re still a spammer.  Even more appalling, you’re illiterate.

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