Latest round of Windows patches are ‘critical.’

If you’re still using Internet Explorer as your web browser you’ll want to be sure to install the latest round of patches from Windows Update as they’ll plug several critical holes in the browser and OS:

“This patch release is a big one with lots of aftershocks,” said Jonathan Bitle, a product manager at security company Qualys. “Three of the five updates, the IE and Windows updates, are especially critical as they take advantage of inexperienced users…Although a worm epidemic is unlikely, users can be easily enticed to visit malicious Web pages.”

Eight of the 10 vulnerabilities repaired by the IE update could be abused to gain complete control over a Windows computer running vulnerable versions of the Web browser. In all instances, an attacker would have to create a malicious Web site and trick people into visiting that site to hook into a PC, Microsoft said in its Security Bulletin MS06-013.

Microsoft rates its browser update “critical” for IE 5 and IE 6, the most-used versions of the popular software. IE is vulnerable on all current versions of the Windows operating system—Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003—as well as on the older Windows 98 and Windows Millennium Edition, the company said.

There’s already a few trojans out there that take advantage of these holes so be aware. Of course if you’re still using IE then this is one more reason to switch to Firefox 1.5 or, as someone will no doubt point out, buy a Mac.

5 thoughts on “Latest round of Windows patches are ‘critical.’

  1. One of the IE patches borks ActiveX seriously—click on any ActiveX control and it prompts you whether you want to run it.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Not a security thang, though, but part of an ongoing lawsuit/settlement by M$.  They’re going to make available a temporary patch-for-the-patch to override the behavior, but as of the June cumulative security release, it will be permanent.

    As you can tell, we did a lot of discussion of this at the office today … tongue laugh

  2. wait a minute there mac patriots you too can get
    a piece of the windows vulnerability pie!

    right Moloch, DONT boot into xp.. haha right. how ya gonna game on that 3500$ boat anchor?

    as a a good bud of mine [karp] put it last week:

    Karp: from his Blackberry—-05-Apr-06—-
    If’n you hadn’t heard. Apple introduced a bit of freeware today called “book camp”. It let’s you partition the drive on a mactel and load an XP disk if you have it.

    The best comment I’ve heard so far goes along the lines: apple solves its gaming issue, dual boots windows.

    Personally I think this is good thing somebody,s intent may be to use both but they will quickly find OSX is superior.

    Either way the stock is finally back at the price I bought it at. Yeah!

    enjoy your viruses mofos! hahaha

    RHAS3 totally rocks.

    and i send this from an xp machine.. so i havn’t ironed out the helix player code repository checkout process so i can build my mp3/4 codecs from scratch. seems its fucking illigal to distribute them precompiled in any player…
    so xp for a bit..

    lovely.. so much for leading by example.

  3. Either way the stock is finally back at the price I bought it at. Yeah!

    i had the option to buy $500 in stock in the mid 90’s when the stock was in the $13 range. That’s was BEFORE the 2 for 1 split, now it’s $66.71 today.  angry

    Why the fuck didn’t I listen to my dad?

  4. Moloch, here’s a bit of stock market advice that can’t fail to make you rich: Buy Low, Sell High. LOL

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