I love learning new things.

So I’ve had the SEB Call of Duty 2 server up and running for the past couple of weeks, but I’ve run into a snag in terms of managing it because for some reason Remote Desktop Connection wasn’t working from home and that was going to be my primary way of managing the server so I wouldn’t have to do it while I was at work. This wasn’t so much of a problem at first because I was running a pure server and it was working just fine, but I wanted to add in a mod or two to spice things up a bit and without RDC to manage the server with it meant staying late at work to play around with it. It also meant that when the mod crashed out the server, which it did a couple of times, it was down until the next morning.

I tried double checking everything on my end to determine why the hell RDC wasn’t working when it was working just fine through a friend’s Wide Open West service over the weekend when I was at his LAN party. Near as I can tell the folks at Charter, which I’ve had to use since moving out to Brighton, are blocking the port for RDC. I asked about this on the Charter forums at Broadband Reports.com and several other folks reported that they were able to use RDC without issue so I can only assume it’s a local decision, but I’ve not contacted Charter to verify this.

So I asked my boss if I should use UltraVNC, but he didn’t think that was a good idea because it wasn’t as secure. Instead he suggested I install OpenSSH and tunnel into the box to run RDC. This was an entirely new concept for me and it sounded really complicated, but I managed to find a couple of pretty good How-Tos on the Net that walked me through the process using Cygwin for the SSH and PuTTY to make the tunnel and it works great. Last night I had RDC up and running connected to the game server and was able to flip back and forth between that and my CoD2 client to try out new server settings and just generally dick around. I’m quite proud of myself for managing to learn how to do this in short order.

Now I just need to get more than 2 other people to try joining the server so I can see how well it works under load. My own connection to the server has a ping time of around 60-85MS, which is a bit higher than the servers I usually play on, but still sub-100 making playing on it just fine. If you have a copy of Call of Duty 2 and would like to help test out my server you’ll find it listed in the Master Server List as SEB AWE 3.0beta3 Server. I’m running the Additional War Effects mod which adds things like tripwires and sprinting to the game along with some ambient effects such as incoming mortar fire, the ability to knock people’s helmets and/or heads off, and some other misc. things. I plan to be on later this evening to dink around with it some more probably around the 5:30 6PM time frame.

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