Happy Slapper ain’t so happy when his victim lays his ass out.

As if we needed any more proof that idiocy is universal there’s been a craze of sorts in parts of Europe for awhile now known as “Happy Slapping” where assholes go out in search of random unsuspecting strangers to slap silly while a fellow asshole records the act on video to be shared on the Internet later. It doesn’t seem that this “fad” has made the jump to America just yet and one can always hold out hope that it doesn’t.

Even if it does there’s always hope that people simply won’t put up with it. People like the victim in this Times Online article who turned the tables on his attacker:

A passer-by emerges from the shopping arcade: a smaller man, wearing a leather jacket, a bag slung over his shoulder.

The happy slapper runs towards him, drawing back one arm to swing and catch the man full in the face.

The victim recoils in pain and drops the bag.

He sees his attacker turn and walk back to his friend, who is laughing and still recording the scene.

Incredulous, he screams with rage. He asks his attacker what he was doing. Judging by his accent, he appears to be from Liverpool.

The victim then approaches the youth and throws a fierce right-hand jab, punching him on the chin and knocking him unconscious.

The man holding the camera phone shouts his friend’s name but carries on filming.

The man in black regards his assailant sprawled out on the floor.

Then he picks up his bag and storms off, still muttering in anger.

Damn straight. You can see the really crappy video capture of this slapper getting his comeuppance at this link.

Now I can’t say for certain if I’d respond in a similar fashion should I ever be the victim of a Happy Slapper, but I’d like to think most folks would think twice before trying that crap on me.

Link via Boing Boing.

18 thoughts on “Happy Slapper ain’t so happy when his victim lays his ass out.

  1. I’d love to see someone try though.  Okay, not really… I don’t want my husband slapped.  However, I have a variety of scenes playing through my mind that would all fit under the title of “Comedy of Errors.”

  2. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

    for I am the scariest sonofabitch in the valley.

    cool grin

  3. “You are a filming your friend trying to happy-slap a random member of the public. Said member of the public suddenly retaliates, knocking your friend unconscious on the floor. Do you:

    A: Run over to your friend and help him?
    B: Stand there filming it and upload it to the internet?”


  4. Well, Neil, if you’re the kind of guy who finds it entertaining to film happy-slapping, you’re probably also the kind of “friend” who keeps filming.  QED.

  5. If it was self-defence, then yes, you are justified, but that wasn’t really. But to be honest you probably wouldn’t get charged – it would be the guy who thumped you first – and even if you were charged you could argue provocation.

    That’s UK law, anyway. No idea about the US, I’m afraid.

  6. I’d imagine it depends on how much of an ass-kicking you administered. I’d imagine the fellow in this video would get off here in the states, but if he beat the slapper enough to put him into the Emergency Room with life threatening injuries he’d probably find himself in deep shit.

  7. Not being a lawyer, I’m talking out of my ass as usual, but I believe a lot depends on premediation. If you hit back without a moment’s hesitation and inflict major damage, you may not even need a good lawyer and the right skin coloration to walk free.

    I can just imagine: “Yer Honor, I slapped this guy I don’t know just for the fun of it and I suffered grievous injuries when the jerk unprovokedly hit me back harder!”

  8. Many years ago in the U.K., a punk lost a leg after his gang harrassed a couple in their vehicle. The woman was at the wheel, freaked when they jumped on the roof and poked the car with bats, floored the accelerator to make a getaway and dragged the ringleader along – under the car. He pressed charges and the judge quite literally told him: “You have nobody to blame but yourself.”

    I always mean to search this story in the news archives… It must have been in the late 90’s.

  9. In Europe, you don’t need to worry so much about people carrying concealed weapons.  Here in the US, your ass just might get shot.  Plus the guy filming it, too.

    Or to paraphrase Charlie Murphy said, “You don’t slap another man.”

  10. I cut the fuckers hand off. Let him try slap another person after me.

    Too bad he didn’t slap the camera boy for using such a crappy video device.

  11. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…
    for I am the scariest sonofabitch in the valley.

    We used to have something similar engraved on our lighters and other talismans in Vietnam although instead of ‘scariest sonofabitch’ we usually had meanest or baddest bastard or mutherfucker. grrr
    Scariest sobonafitch sounds a little benign.LOL

  12. I would not be able to take any satisfaction from a permanent injury inflicted as either punishment or lesson, but a memorable drubbing is certainly in order.

  13. I believe in this particular situation the “Happy Slapper” could be charged with Battery and the retaliatory punch would be considered self defense.  However, I concur that the concept of “reasonable force” would apply in the “self-defense” position of the “victim.”  Therefore, I think the “cutting off of his hand” though, very satisfying, would bring down more trouble on the perpetrator than it is worth.

  14. every so often the right ring press over here makes a big thing about attackers pressing charges.  What they ignore is that most cases are not even considered for prosecution, and only very few of those that are actually have charges pressed.  Its only those cases where the victim went way beyond self defence.  The most controversial case of recent years was Tony Martin, who went down for manslaughter.  It was not that he shot a burglar, but that he waited up all night with a shot gun then shot him while the punk was trying to flee empty handed.  This was considered excessive. Althoughn there was uproar, the guilty verdict was handed down by a public jury.

    Few years ago a yob smacked an egg into John Prescott- the deputy prime minister.  While he laughed he forgot that Prezza spent many years as a trade union activist, and is Northern working class.  Cue film of senior politician thumping member of public.

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