Coming to Playstation 3: Video Blogging.

Not sure if this is just a rumor or not, but the folks at HEXUS.gaming are reporting that the PS3 will allow you to do video blogging:

The PS3’s free online service, called ‘Playstation World,’ will include a ‘blog-like’ function. Through the use of the Eye Toy camera, you’ll be able to record your own video blogs, which can then be shared through the online network.

You will also be able to view your friend’s photos and videos from the PS3, on your PSP.

If nothing else it shows that Sony is definitely hoping to expand the PS3 into areas other than just being a totally kick ass gaming system. No word on if these video blogs will be viewable by anyone outside of the Playstation World network.

2 thoughts on “Coming to Playstation 3: Video Blogging.

  1. They put all kinds of stupid stuff in Playstation consoles. Would anyone actualy use that or would it be like a gimick and no one would use it after awhile? There was some kind of game link for the PSX and that reminds me of that. Though it’s totally different.

  2. Unfortunately I suspect they’ll have a major problem in fairly short order, namely people using the video blog feature for porn.  And since video games are still heavily associated with kids there’s a strong chance a major snit will break out over the issue.  I don’t know about other blog services, but has its share of porn blogs.

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