Celebratin’ our anniversary, we’re chillin’ at the zoo.

Didn’t get any time to post anything at all yesterday because the wife and I were celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. Alas money is tight so we kept it simple. Spent the better part of the day down in Ann Arbor where we had lunch at the Pizza House and then took a stroll through the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History. The highlight of which was the planetarium for The Mars Show, which could use some updating as it was copyrighted from 1988 and 1995. Still, it made for an amusing diversion as it’s been years since I was last in a planetarium.

Today we’re dragging the kid and one of her “boy” friends to the Detroit Zoo because it’s also been years since I was last there. We’re taking the 6 mile walkie talkies so she and he and run around the zoo on their own and still keep in touch while I spend all my time at the Otter exhibit. Well, that and the monkey exhibit so I can watch the monkeys through shit at the IDiots walking by. They’re doing a bunch of stuff for Earth Day today as well so we’ll probably check that out too. Taking the camera so we’ll probably have some pictures once we get back.

OK, Anne says it’s time to go. See ya.

3 thoughts on “Celebratin’ our anniversary, we’re chillin’ at the zoo.

    Remember those six magic words that keep couples together: “I’m sorry dear, it’s my fault.” grin

  2. [lol] Good advice, leguru!

    Happy Anniversary, Les & Anne!  Your “simple” celebration and the trip to the Zoo sound fantastic to me.  What counts is being together and having fun!

    May you celebrate many, many more.  grin

  3. Happy Anniversary, and congratulations.  And I agree with OB—time spent together is the greatest celebration of all.

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