Big changes coming to WoW’s PVP Battlegrounds.

According to this entry at Gaming Steve’s there’s some big changes coming to the Battleground PVP system in World of Warcraft. The first thing mentioned has already been announced by Blizzard themselves and that’s the plan to link the Battlegrounds on different servers together to make it easier to find folks to compete against. Right now it can take hours for a round to come together on some servers, especially if it’s the Alterac Valley BG you want to play in, so to help solve that problem Blizzard will be linking 16 realms together per Battleground server to see if they can’t cut down on the wait time and get more PVP action going. They hope to have the Battlegrounds linked together within the next patch or two. The new bit of news is the following:

Imagine the features of combined into the world of Battlegrounds: Worldwide rankings, tournaments, ladders, and more, only for the entire world of Battlegrounds. Yes, Battlegrounds will undergo its most radical change during the release of Burning Crusade expansion with Battlegrounds becoming a true worldwide tournament! Of course with The Burning Crusade slated for release at the end of this year, if not next year, this is still a long way off. But at least the interim patch should greatly increase the Battlegrounds experience.

If I were younger and had more time to devote to playing that would be some pretty cool news as I’ve enjoyed competing in the various ladders and tournaments of other Blizzard games in the past. It should help to make the Battleground experience a lot more popular, though, and that’s a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Big changes coming to WoW’s PVP Battlegrounds.

  1. this is excellent news!!!! Its gonna take the game to an even higher level. I hope I can save up enough money so I can play next month again.

  2. This is good to hear. I raised quite a ruckus with problems in Battlegrounds related to deterrence. That is
    a) deterrence to new players who get their shit wrecked by twinks,
    b) deterrence to players who get their shit wrecked by experienced dungeoneers (why do PvP items have to suck so bad?)
    c) deterrence to all players for the wait times, which drive the low-level twinking movement.

    Could be good times.

  3. This is indeed good news. I can honestly say that ever since I got to 60th a few months ago, I have been PVPing exactly twice, dropping me from Sergeant Major to Corporal.

    Why? When I got to 60th, I switched from the 50-59 queue to the “60’s” queue. My wait times shot up to the point that it’s not worth trying. Even if I wait once, I’m not going to be able to wait through the 5 or so times it’s going to take me to keep steady or even advance.

    My wait times are now in the 1-3 hour range..meaning I have to commit 5-15 hours just for queue time, plus the 3-10 hours it will take to play through those 5 PVP instances. I just don’t have that kind of time.

    And of course, if I’m going to wait for 1-3 hours, what is there to do in the meantime? You can’t log off and go be productive. You can’t leave your character AFK for that long, and if you get into a raid or something, then you are in the middle of it when your instance comes up.

    -JO (aka Grio of Durotan)

  4. Big changes to bgs?
    The big change is going to be when blizz nerf paladins and balance all classes equal
    Damn overpowered paladins ruin the fun of the game in bgs
    Just a bunch of noobs with epic and no skills
    To hell with blizz and their beloved class paladins
    And everytime a new expansion comes up you need to damn change gears all over again
    Wow is a big waste of time!

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