Another stupid “Awareness Day” has arrived.

Do you know what today is? It’s National Hairball Awareness Day. How fucking stupid is that?

Seriously folks, if you own a cat then chances are your awareness of hairballs is pretty damned high already and if you don’t own a cat then I can assure you that hairball ignorance is bliss. There’s a lot of issues that your average American could use a good heaping helping of “awareness” about, but hairballs isn’t one of them. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that one of the promoters of “National Hairball Awareness Day” happens to be Hill’s Pet Nutrition Inc. makers of the Science Diet® Hairball Control cat food that has “natural fiber technology.”

This “Awarness Month/Week/Day” nonsense has gotten so out of hand that next month—May for those of you who are a little slow—there are 50 things it’s the “Month Of,” 38 things “Of the Week,” and around 110 things that are “Days” which includes long standing traditions such as Mother’s Day, but also much less widely observed occasions such as “Get Caught Reading Month,” “More Than Just A Pretty Face Month,” “National Hug Holiday Week” (7-13), “Kiwanis Prayer Week” (14-20), “Paranormal Day” (3rd), “Respect for Chickens Day” (4th), “Do Dah Day” (6th), and the “National Infertility Survival Day” (7th). I can see it now:

Me: “Hello. My name is Les and I’m a survivor of infertility and a recovering chicken disrespecter.”
Crowd: “HELLO LES!”

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  1. Seriously folks, if you own a cat then chances are your awareness of hairballs is pretty damned high already…

    Truer words have yet to be uttered.

    Some of these days/weeks/months of “awareness” really intrigue me (and not in a particularly positive way). What, seriously, are we to make of such nonsense?

    “Get Caught Reading Month

  2. That explains the jacked up sound my cat made whilst puking.  She was making me aware of it. 

    Science Diet® Hairball Control cat food that has “natural fiber technology.

  3. Momma- this is what “doo-da” brings to my dated mind:

    The Camptown ladies sing this song,
    Doo-da, Doo-da
    The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long
    Oh, de doo-da day

    And while Bengali tigers, although dangerous one-on-one, are disappearing and thus in serious need of attention, hairballs have little or no awareness problem with cat owners.
    Tom Lehrer, as usual, has something pertinant to say about the whole idea of holidaying lofty concepts.  He closes his song “National Brotherhood Week” thusly:

    It’s only for a week, so have no fear
    Be grateful that it doesn’t last all year

  4. I did a search for Do Dah Day and found their homepage:

    In 1979, a small group of friends got together and decided to have a party — or so the story goes — and Do Dah Day was born.  The following years saw the party grow into an event raising money for local charities such as the Birmingham Zoo, Avondale Library and the Alabama Theatre.  With so many Do Dah Day volunteers being pet owners and animal lovers, it was a natural progression for the fundraising focus to turn to local animal charities.  Soon Do Dah Day was no longer a party — it had become an all-out festival.

    Today, Do Dah Day is Birmingham’s oldest event.  A music festival that in its infancy was enjoyed by 200 fun-loving Birmingham citizens, now sees more than 40,000 people from all over the United States converge on Birmingham’s Historic Highland Parks for a day of fun, food and music with their pets.  Raising more than $536,000 since 1992 for Jefferson County animal shelters, Do Dah Day is one of the city’s most cherished springtime events.

    Do Dah Day has always been — and still is today — a 100% volunteer organization, managed by a board of directors that consists of a diverse and eclectic group of local professionals.  The event could not be successful though, without the countless volunteers contributing their time both on the day of the event and, for some, even months before.  The event has proven addictive for many of its volunteers, some of whom can tout more than 10 years of volunteering in T-shirt booths and the like.  People that once lived in the area and volunteered at the festival now fly in from Chicago or drive from Atlanta – their new homes – to man their posts in beer tents and on the music stages.  It’s obvious that without the volunteers and their passion for Do Dah Day and its causes, the event wouldn’t be what it is today.

    What began, in the simplest of terms, as an idea, has become a true tradition.  Here’s to 27 years of Do Dah-ing!

    Apparently it’s an event specific to Birmingham Alabama.

  5. ooooO! ooooOO! what about “National Dingleberry Awareness day”
    or “Stupid Fucking Co-Worker Awareness day”??!?! tell me those wouldnt be good?
    You could get the office moron flowers and shit
    and tell them your sorry and its not thier fault..

    better yet: “Butt babies dont live and its just not fair day”

    i get this shit crammed down my throat all of the time..
    along with the “be considerate of your co-worker”
    bullshit and the “when coping a feel is a
    bad thing in the workplace training.”

    it all smells like buzzword bullshit to me. once its uttered
    theres no taking it back. society has grown way too touchy-feely with
    (litigous repricussion[s] too) if you ask me.

    you hit this one on the spot Les, another stupid holiday.

    ..although do-dah day has peaked my interest.
    Damnit. Now i’m all ‘aware’.

  6. Hello, my name is leguru and I’m a recovering disrespecter of chicken infertility . . NO, NO, NO LOL  LOL  LOL

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