Al Gore has a movie: An Inconvenient Truth.

It’s about Global Warming and it apparently it was a big hit at Sundance. You can view the trailer below.

I’m thinking I’m going to make a point of catching this one when it comes out. The release schedule is as follows:

May 24 – New York and Los Angeles
June 2 – Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C.
June 9 – Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Diego, Miami, Baltimore, Portland
June 16 – in theaters everywhere

56 thoughts on “Al Gore has a movie: An Inconvenient Truth.

  1. Doesn’t matter how many times you repeat it, or how many sock puppets you use to post it, that doesn’t make your claims true. Stop being an ignorant FOX News watcher and go read up on the science.

  2. I am just guessing that no one considered this: Why is the earth warm in the first place? That is where I think the investigation should start on the issue of climate. Yes, the Sun itself has seasons, maybe ask for money to investigate that a little first. Scientists and researchers do have facts but not all the facts yet. My opinion, don’t jump in the water until you learn to swim. If Al Gore is raising money and changing laws to tax people and companies due to climate change it seems to me his agenda is profit not ecologic preservation.

  3. I don’t think 98% of scientists are out to raise your taxes.
    If humanity isn’t willing to confront this issue then we will get what we deserve. It is really that simple.

  4. Chad,

    Sure, there is always research to be done, and we can only ever go on the best science of the time. That science is that increasing concentrations in the atmosphere of a known greenhouse gas lead to higher global temperatures – the science behind that is not controversial.

    If you think it is wrong, however, feel free to do work on solar climate forcing for your PhD project. It should be an interesting study, but the amount of evidence you would need to muster to overturn current models of climate change will have to be substantial.

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