What Goes Around Comes Around

My last entry—here—addressed shady “Christian” programs that attempt to “reform” gay teens and how such programs obviously are harmful to teens and should therefore be monitored more closely by the authorities.  Now it seems that a Christian group calling itself Exodus International has made headlines for threatening litigation against blogger Justin Watt, who posted a parody of Exodus International’s message. The ACLU stepped in to defend Justin, and Exodus International has agreed to drop the case. From the USA TODAY:

Exodus International initially claimed the altered image of one of its billboards by Justin Watt infringed its copyright. But Exodus is no longer pursuing the matter after Watt stopped using its “watermark” logo, Exodus President Alan Chambers said.

Watt, operator of the Justinsomnia blog, says he exercised free speech when he parodied the Exodus billboard, which says, “Gay? Unhappy? http://www.exodus.to.” Wyatt re-created the billboard on his site so it read, “Straight? Unhappy? http://www.gay.com.”

Obviously I find homophobia and intolerance abhorrent, but as a liberal I respect this Christian outfit’s right to voice such opinions (I am far more wary of their actual methods of dealing with gay teens via “reform” programs, however, but that is another issue).  One can preach all the hate and ignorance that one wants, but don’t expect others to remain silent in turn. Justin Watt has proven this, and the ACLU has rightly defended him.

Have I mentioned that I love the ACLU? Because I do. smile

Link to USA TODAY found at BOING BOING.

8 thoughts on “What Goes Around Comes Around

  1. I saw this over on Dispatches from the culture wars and about popped a button laughing.  It’s hard to imagine how Liberty thought it would be OK to file a lawsuit about a parody or how a judge even let the filing go forward when it is so obviously protected speech.

    Also, parody is a sign of success, but I wouldn’t expect the fundies to understand that.

  2. Exodus International should be thanking Justin for suggesting sexual orientation can be changed: That’s what they believe and his billboard parody represents the same mindset.

    Or are they just angry that he’s on the wrong side?

    If I promise not to try to convert a straight person will they stop trying to “heal” gays?

    Was that a stupid question?

  3. There’s a longer, more nefarious trajectory to the Evanglical anti-gay movement…

    In the near future the gay-gene will (grammar and spellin fundies, back! back!) be extremely rare in the technological world.  Left only in the unbridled breeding zones and unregulated slums of India and America’s NorthEast Corridor, gays will be a poorer breed of people than most living and celebrating on the Web of humanity. The genetic-matrix of homosexuality is very, very close to being “isolated”.

    We’ll once again assume our proper role of the starving artist/peacemaker/social-aggitator, quickly forgetting the fondu and circuit parties of the Gastby Era of our racial history.

    First there came EyeColor,
    Next BodyType.
    Then Me.


  4. You’ll find most of Rob’s comments are weird like that. He’s like the token crazy-homeless guy of SEB.

  5. Yes, but this is weird even for Rob.  Can I have some of whatever you’re on, adams my man?

    We’ll once again assume our proper role of the starving artist/peacemaker/social-aggitator

    I should leave well enough alone, I know; but I can’t resist.  Two questions, Rob:
    What do you mean, “we”, white boy?
    Who’s saying what’s “proper”?

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