The Ultimate Case Mod List.

I love case mods and every now and then I write about them, but it’s been awhile since I last saw one worth chatting about. Now someone has gone and put together Case Mode – The Ultimate List for me to sit around and experience case-envy over. I don’t know that I’d call it the ultimate list, but it’s certainly a good roundup of some of the best case mods out there including several of the ones I’ve written about previously along with a bunch I hadn’t seen before.

Among the new-to-me mods on the list that I thought were amusing or cool are the Windows XP Box PC, the R2D2 PC (though I may have written about that one, not sure), the Borg PC, and the Encyclomedia PC (PC in an encyclopedia).

If nothing else it shows that just about anything can be turned into a PC if you’re clever enough ranging from a toaster to a coffin and even a Bible PC as pictured in the upper right hand corner here. Click it for a bigger pic.

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