The Department of Homeland Security isn’t very secure.

For the third year in a row the DHS has scored an F on cybersecurity from the House Government Reform Committee:

A quick look at the complete list of scores reveals that eight of the twenty-four departments flunked cybersecurity, and that many of them are repeat offenders (Energy and Agriculture have both failed for five years running, a record that would make Bart Simpson proud). What’s most worrying is that the agencies charged with security and diplomacy (State, Defense, Homeland Security) did so poorly, and it suggests that the government has yet to take cybersecurity seriously.

The sheer size and scope of these agencies no doubt makes it difficult to develop and enforce a comprehensive network security plan. State and Defense have the added burden of needing to support secure networks and PCs around the globe, while DHS is still struggling to integrate its many disparate agencies. Still, it’s worth noting that large departments can do well; the Social Security Administration scored an A+.

Feel safe yet?

3 thoughts on “The Department of Homeland Security isn’t very secure.

  1. NotALeftardFundamentalist wrote:

    Feel that hope and change yet?

    You may not be a “Leftard” but you are a fucking idiot. This post is from 2006, two years before President Obama took office. And anyone who has been paying attention at all knows that the TSA predates the Obama administration by almost a decade.

    Not that you’ll get this reply seeing as you were so brave as to use an obviously fake email address. Typical Conservative asshole. Blame Obama for everything wrong with the world including shit your favored politicians put into place and then run away with your fingers in your ears.

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