SEB has signed up with One Million Blogs.

1 Million BlogsRemember the dude who set up the Million Dollar Homepage selling pixels of space on the page for a graphic ad for $1 each? The sort of idea that you’d never think would work in a gazillion years, but it turns out it’s just a strange enough idea to catch the public’s imagination and he actually sells all 1 million pixels making a gawdawful amount of money in the process? Remember that?

Well the One Million Blogs page is more or less the same idea except it’s different in some key ways. First your buck buys a 30×30 square that links to your blog. That’s a decent enough size to get something recognizable inside without having to buy multiple boxes, but there’s nothing stopping you from buying more if you wish. Second you get a button for your site with your position number in it letting you know that you’ve given into a variant of a popular meme and got in early on it (or late). Third when the fellow who’s running it gets to 1 million blogs he’s going to take all the money he’s collected and spend it on advertising on the various blogs that signed up with him in the first place and that’ll be used to advertise other blogs in the grid. According to the site the plan is to spend $100 on 500 blogs, $1,000 on 50 blogs, $2,000 on 20 blogs, $5,000 on 5 blogs, $10,000 on 3 blogs, $50,000 on 2 blogs, and $100,000 on 1 blog once the time comes. Why? Just because he thinks it’d be a nifty thing to do.

So I figured: What the hell? I’ve got a buck to spare in my PayPal account and I signed up for my square. It should be showing up shortly. Even if it never reaches 1 Million Blogs and the advertising doesn’t happen at least I can say I participated in an interesting meme that may get me a few more readers. And it only cost me a greenback. Can’t complain about that.

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