SEB Flashback: Computer Networks: The Heralds of Resource Sharing

Someone by the name of Steven King uploaded the following bit of Internet history to Google Video. It’s a documentary from 1972 on the development of ARPAnet which was the beginning of what we now call the Internet.

Probably not too interesting for most of you, but for a geek like me who’s been on the ‘net since the mid-80’s before it really took off in the mid-90’s, it’s a downright fascinating glimpse of how things once were and how far we’ve come.

4 thoughts on “SEB Flashback: Computer Networks: The Heralds of Resource Sharing

  1. It’s interesting to see that perspective—esp. since they thought we would end up using dumb terminals instead of pcs.  My college finally got rid of the last of its VAX system when I graduated in 2002, and I was appalled when I realized that you could run wordperfect off the network as a freshman.

    It’s funny—I’m both appalled at how different things have turned out/how ‘primitive’ the technology was, but I’m also surprized at some of the things they were capable of doing then.

  2. I love how they pan over that european painting of explorers/conquistadors speaking with natives as they talk about networks… They didn’t have any better possible metaphor/allegory?

  3. Having worked with the telephone company since 1959 for 29 1/2 years I was witness to technological changes in that industry. Some of the things discuss in the film were vaugely familiar to me.  I played with Les’computer when he was in his teens but I still am limited in computer savvy today.  My only comment is I’m lucky to have witnessed the gains made and hope to see more before I’m gone. Thank you for posting this!

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