P.A.C. 6 - I have SO got to get me one of these!

I’ve talked before about how, as a kid growing up in Pontiac, I and several of my neighborhood friends used to build Pop Can Cannons—which is a variation on what most folks know as a “spud gun”—and the countless hours of fun we had annoying the neighbors with the non-stop FOOMS it made as we set it off repeatedly. Ah, the memories of the time my brother (or was it me) set off his cannon in the utility room of our house damn near breaking the screen door window and the light fixture as the tennis ball ricocheted around the room dangerously.

Anyway, now someone has come up with another variation that looks to be equally as stupidly dangerous as our pop can contraptions called the P.A.C. 6 Semi-Auto Air Cannon:

The P.A.C. 6.  Xinventions is proud to have designed this first ever easy to build, semi-auto air cannon.  This cannon is totally portable due to the CO2 hook up!  The auto loading system means that you never have to muzzle load a projectile, it does it for you.  You simply shoot away.  The air is automatically pumped into the cannon, and a projectile is automatically loaded for convenient use.  A full-auto design can be incorporated from this design (which is in the testing phase as of now).  This cannon’s primary (most accurate) ammo is 1 1/4” rubber balls or table-soccer balls (foose-balls) but it also can shoot pre-cut potato projectiles.  The cannon can be easily modified to shoot any other sized ammunition.  A projectile can be shot over 300 yards with this cannon.

Imagine the look of surprise when I confront any would-be robbers in my home carrying that baby in my arms! Chances are they wouldn’t die from it, but they’d sure as hell feel it come the morning. I’m sure the neighbors would love hearing me set that thing off almost as much as the old pop can cannons of yesteryear. Gimme gimme gimme!

2 thoughts on “P.A.C. 6 - I have SO got to get me one of these!

  1. Omg I know what im getting with my next paycheck.0_o I gonna get a kick out of it when I fire stuff at my drunkin friends when they come over and bug me.

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